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Accounting Education OnlineIndex: Earning a accounting degree online from accredited universities which offer bachelor, masters and associate degrees as well as accounting certificates for entry level accounting programs .Earn a degree in finance, financial planning, or financial management. . (CPA) Courses are based on the standards from the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, and Fundamentals of Bookkeeping program



Job Highlights for Accounting and Auditors

Most accounting jobs require at least a bachelor's degree in accounting or a related field.
Job seekers who obtain professional accounting recognition through certification or licensure, a master's degree, proficiency in accounting and auditing computer software, or specialized expertise will have an advantage in the job market.
Competition for accounts will remain keen for the most prestigious jobs at major accounting and business firms.



Accounting  and Auditors (CPA)

Accountants and auditors and (CPA’s) Certified Public Accounts, Are the critical Persons Responsible for nation’s firms accuracy of operation and diplomatic in records evaluation. Offer Vital Important Role To Their Clients in Increasing their business and accounting services. These services include public accounts, management accountants, and government accounting, as well as internal auditing. However, accountants and auditors are broadening the services as they now offer to include budget analysis, financial and investment planning, information technology consulting, and limited legal services.

Beyond the strategy fundamental tasks of the accounting occupation preparing, analyzing and verifying financial documents information to clients , , many accountants now are required to possess a wide range of knowledge and skills.

Accounting Job Duties

Job Duties Classified into four major fields of accounting. Public accountants perform a wide range of accounting, auditing,  tax, and consulting activities for their clients, who may be corporations, governments, nonprofit organizations, or individuals. For Example Accountants Classify themselves into different segments like accountant concentrate on tax matters, such as advising companies of the tax advantages and disadvantages of certain business decisions and preparing individual income tax returns. Others are accounting consultants who offer advice in areas such as; compensation or employee healthcare benefits, the design of accounting and data-processing systems, and the selection of controls to safeguard assets.

Public Accountants

Some specialize in forensic accounting, investigating and interpreting bankruptcies and other complex financial accounting transactions. Still other accountants audit clients financial statements and report to investors and authorities that the statements have been correctly prepared and reported. Public accountants, many of whom are Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), generally have their own businesses or work for public accounting firms.

Management Accountants

Management Accountants record and analyze the financial information of the companies for which they work also called as industrial ,corporate or public accountants .Responsibilities include budgeting ,performance evaluation ,cost management and asset management . . Usually, management accountants are part of executive teams involved in strategic planning or new-product development. They analyze and interpret the financial information that corporate executives need to make sound business decisions. They also prepare financial reports for non-management groups, including stockholders, creditors, regulatory agencies, and tax authorities. Within accounting departments, they may work in various areas including financial analysis, planning and budgeting, and cost accounting.

Many persons with an accounting background work in the public sector. Government accountants and auditors maintain and examine the records of government agencies and audit private businesses and individuals whose activities are subject to government regulations or taxation.

Accountants Employed By Government

Accountants employed by Federal, State, and local governments guarantee that revenues are received and expenditures are made in accordance with laws and regulations. Those who are employed by the Federal Government may work as Internal Revenue Service agents (IRS) or in financial management, financial institution examination, or budget analysis and administration.


Internal auditing is an increasingly important area of accounting and auditing. Internal auditors verify the accuracy of their organization's records and check for mismanagement, waste, or fraud. Specifically, they examine and evaluate their firms' financial and information systems, management procedures, and internal controls to ensure that records are accurate and controls are adequate to protect against fraud and waste. They also review company operations evaluating their efficiency, effectiveness, and compliance with corporate policies and procedures, laws, and government regulations.

Types Of Auditors

There are many types of highly specialized auditors, such as electronic data processing, environmental, engineering, legal, insurance premium, bank, and healthcare auditors. As online computer systems make information more timely, internal auditors help managers to base their decisions on actual data, rather than personal observation. Internal auditors also may recommend controls for their organization's computer system to ensure the reliability of the system and the integrity of the data.

Computers are rapidly changing the nature of the work for most accountants and auditors. With the aid of special software packages, accountants summarize transactions in standard formats for financial records and organize data in special formats for financial analysis. These accounting packages greatly reduce the amount of tedious manual work associated with data management and record-keeping.

Personal and laptop computers enable accountants and auditors to be more mobile and to use their clients computer systems to extract information from large mainframe computers. As a result, a growing number of accountants and auditors have extensive computer skills and specialize in correcting problems with software or in developing software to meet unique data management and analytical needs. Accountants also are beginning to perform more technical duties, such as implementing, controlling, and auditing systems and networks, and developing technology plans and budgets.

Accountants also are increasingly assuming the role of a personal financial advisor. They not only provide clients with accounting and tax help, but also help them develop a personal budget, manage assets and investments, plan for retirement, and recognize and reduce exposure to risks. This role is a response to demands by clients for one trustworthy individual or firm to meet all of their financial needs. 

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Online Programs Here

AIU AA degree Business Administration MBA Marketing - Management
Ackers Business College Online Accepts online students from Montana, South Dakota, and North Dakota, offering programs in Accounting and Business Management.
ACCIS Business Administration Accounting.
Ashworth College Online Offers an Associate degree in Accounting 100% online.
DeVry University Business Administration Accounting.
Ellis College Managerial Accounting prepares students for dealing with investment and finance in the careers of business analysis, taxation and related accounting professions in the industrial, institutional or government fields.
FMU Online Associate of Science or Bachelor of Science in Accounting.
Grand Canyon University MBA Accounting - Finance.
ITT Tech Associate and Bachelor of Science degree in Business Accounting Technology.
Kaplan College Certificate in Financial Planning
Kennedy-Western University Associate's, Bachelor's, Master Degree in Finance.
Keller Graduate School Financial Management and Accounting degree program.
PCDI Associate Degree Accounting or Bookkeeping Accounting - Home Study
Regis University Master of Business Administration in Finance and Accounting online.
Saint Leo University offers Online MBA's and Master's Degrees in Accounting.
Stratford Career Institute Business Accounting Program
Strayer University Online offers certificates, diplomas, associate, bachelor's and master's degrees in Accounting.
University of Phoenix Online BS and MBA in Accounting
Walden University Online offers a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in Finance.
Westwood College Online BS in Business Administration – Accounting

Campus Programs Here

American School of Mortgage Banking is located in Tustin, CA., accepting students from CA only. Offering Accounting Degrees.
Berkeley College has (6) campuses located thoughout NJ., and NY., offering Associate degrees in Accounting.
Blair Business College is located in Colorado Springs, CO -offering an AA Degree in Accounting and as an Administrative Assistant.
Bohecker Business College Associate of Applied Business in Accounting Technology.
Business Informatics Center is located in Valley Stream, New York offering Accounting & Finance degree.
Bradford School of Business is located in Houston, TX and offers a Computerized Accounting program.
Brookstone College is located in Greensboro, and Charlotte, NC., offering Accounting Systems Technology and Computerized Accounting courses.
Canter & Associates is located in Los Angeles, California, offering degrees in Accounting and Finance.
Canadian Business College is located in Toronto, Ontario and offers degree in Accounting.
CDI has (45) campuses in Canada offering several accounting degree programs. Payroll- Administration - Computerized Accounting.
Central Coast College is located in Salinas, CA offering Accounting degree programs.
College America has (12) campuses in Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho and Utah offering accounting degree programs. Business - Accounting - Degree.
DeVry University USA - Canada (70) Campuses Master of Accounting and Financial Management.
Dover Business College has (2) campuses located in Dover and Paramus, New Jersey offering Accounting and Finance degrees
Duff's Business Institute is located in Pittsburgh, PA offering a Specialized Accounting Degree Program.
Everest College has (2) campuses in Rancho Cucamonga CA and Phoenix AZ offering Accounting degrees and Computer Accounting Applications
Florida Metropolitan University (9) Florida Campus: Brandon, Clearwater, Ft. Lauderdale, Jacksonville, Tampa, Lakeland, Melbourne and Pinellas offering Accounting Degrees.
Hagerstown Business College located in Hagerstown, MD., and teaches accounting for associates degree.
Heald College (11) Campuses in Concord, Fresno, Hayward, Rancho Cordova, Roseville, Salinas, San Francisco, San Jose and Stockton CA; Portland OR; and Honolulu, HI offering Accounting degrees.
Lansdale School of Business is located in North Wales, PA., offering Accounting degrees.
Mountain West College located in Salt Lake City, UT. offers a business accounting degree program.
McIntosh College is located in Dover, NH., offering Associate degrees in Accounting.
Parks College has (2) campuses in Aurora, CO and Thornton, CO and offers a Computer Accounting Degree
Pittsburgh Technical Institute is located in Oakdale, PA and offers an Associate's Degree in Accounting Administration.
Pioneer Pacific College has (3) schools that teach Accounting Technology in Clackamas, Eugene and Wilsonville, Oregon.
Rochester Business Institute Accounting Degree Program in Rochester, New York.
Rasmussen College has (5) campuses Eagan, Mankato, Minnetonka, St. Cloud and Minnesota MN., offering an Associates Degree and Certificates in Accounting.
Stevens Henager College has (5) campuses in Boise ID., Murray, Ogden, Orem, and Provo UT., offering Associate and Bachelor Degrees in Accounting, E-Business and Management.
Western Business College has (2) campuses Vancouver, WA. and Portland, OR. Accounting Degree
Westwood College has (4) campuses Anaheim, Upland and Los Angeles, CA. and Denver, CO. Accounting Degree.
Wood Tobé-Coburn School Offers Accounting Degree in New York City, NY.



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