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Marketing and AdvertisingOur recommended Marketing and Advertising Programs allows you to earn your choice of degree, associate, bachelor or masters from accredited universities. Courses include advertising, applied marketing, business marketing planning, marketing management, and corporate advertising, internet marketing, graphic design jingle writing radio and television commercials.

Advertisers and Marketers

Advertising, marketing, promotions, public relations, and sales managers coordinate the market research, marketing strategy, sales, advertising, promotion, pricing, product development, and public relations activities. The objective of any firm is to market and sell its products or services profitably. In small firms, the owner or chief executive officer might assume all advertising, promotions, marketing, sales, and public relations responsibilities. In large firms, which may offer numerous products and services nationally or even worldwide, an executive vice president directs overall advertising, promotions, and marketing, sales, and public relations policies.

In a small firm, managers may serve as a liaison between the firm and the advertising or promotion agency to which many advertising or promotional functions are contracted out.In larger firms, advertising managers oversee in-house account, creative, and media services departments.  Managers oversee advertising and promotion staffs, which usually are small, except in the largest firms. Account executive manages the account services department, assesses the need for advertising, and in advertising agencies, maintains the accounts of clients. Creative Department involve in the subject matter of advertising. creative director oversees the copy chief, art director, and their respective staffs. The media director oversees planning groups that select the communication media for example, radio television, newspapers, magazines, Internet, or outdoor signs to disseminate the advertising.

Job Highlights for Advertising and Marketers

Employment is projected to increase rapidly, but competition for jobs is expected to be intense.
College graduates with related experience, a high level of creativity, and strong communication skills should have the best job opportunities.
High earnings, substantial travel, and long hours, including evenings and weekends, are common.

Promotion Managers

Promotion Managers supervise and direct promotion programs combining advertising with purchase incentives to increase sales .Promotion programs may involve direct mail ,telemarketing ,television or radio advertising catalogs ,exhibits ,inserts in newspapers ,internet advertisements or web sites ,in store displays or product endorsements and special events. . Purchase incentives may include discounts, samples, gifts, rebates, coupons, sweepstakes, and contests.

Marketing Managers

Marketing strategy of a company is decided by marketing managers. With the help of subordinates, including product development managers and market research managers, they determine the demand for products and services offered by the firm and its competitors. Marketing managers develop pricing strategy of the firmís share of the market and its profits while ensuring that the firmís customers are satisfied. Marketing Managers work with advertising and promotion managers to promote the firmís products and services to attract potential users. In collaboration with sales product development, and other managers, they monitor trends that indicate the need for new products and services and oversee product development

Public Relations Managers

Public Relations Managers Manages Supervises Pubic relations specialistsí .concentrate on specific areas such as crisis management or in a specific industry, such as healthcare, these managers direct publicity programs to a targeted public. They use every aviable communication medium in their effort to maintain the support of specific groups by which organizationís success is measured such as consumers, stockholders and the general public . For example, public relations managers may clarify or justify the firm's point of view on health or environmental issues to community or special interest groups.

Public Relations Managers also evaluate promotion and advertising programs for compatibility with public relations efforts and serve as the eyes and ears of top management. They observe social, economic and political trends that might ultimately affect the firm and make recommendations to enhance the firm's image based on those trends.

Public relations managers may confer with labor relations managers to produce internal company communications such as newsletters about employee-management relations and with financial managers to produce company reports. They assist company executives in drafting speeches, arranging interviews, and maintaining other forms of public contact; oversee company archives; and respond to information requests. In addition, some handle special events such as sponsorship of races, parties introducing new products, or other activities the firm supports in order to gain public attention through the press without advertising directly.

Sales Managers

Sales managers assign sale territories, set goals, and establish training programs for the sales representativeís .they direct the firmís sales program. Sales managers maintain contact with dealers and distributors. Managers advise the sales representative on ways to improve their performance .Sales managers maintain contacts with dealers and distributors they analyze sales statistics gathered by their staffs to determine sales potential and inventory requirements and monitor the preference of customers. such information is vital to develop products and maximize profits .


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Online Programs Here

The Art Institute Online school accepts student thought out the United States offering Advertising, Arts & Design, and Graphic Design.
Marketing degree programs.
Business Administration Degree prepares students to gain core business competencies in finance, accounting, organization management, economics, marketing and human resources that are universally required for success in entry-level management positions in all areas of business.
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Advertising Marketing Program, teaches you about sales, retailing, wholesaling, warehousing, packaging, and distribution.
DeVry University Online
Sales and Marketing Bachelor Degree Program
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Offers a Bachelor of Science in Marketing which prepares students for careers in advertising, customer relationship management, marketing research and retailing.
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MBA Marketing Degree online
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Advertising & Marketing Degrees.
Kennedy-Western University
Executive Business Administration Degree Marketing Management and Leadership
Business Management home study.
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BS and MBA in Marketing
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BS in Business Administration Ė Marketing

Campus Programs Here

Bradley Academy of Arts is located in York, Pennsylvania, offering Arts & Design, Advertising Design programs.
Florida Metropolitan University has (9) Florida Campus: Brandon, Clearwater, Ft. Lauderdale, Tampa, Jacksonville, Lakeland, Melbourne and Pinellas offering Commercial Art - Marketing and Advertising degrees.
The Art Institute of California San Diego Offers Advertising(BS) - Graphic Design(BS) - Multimedia & Web Design(BS) - Residential Interior Decor(BS) - Game Art & Design(BS) - Media Arts & Animation.
The Art Institute of California Orange County Offers Advertising(BS) - Graphic Design(BS) - Multimedia & Web Design(BS) - Residential Interior Decor(BS) - Game Art & Design(BS) - Media Arts & Animation.
The Art Institute of Phoenix is located in Phoenix, Arizona, offering Digital Media Production -Game Art Design - Graphic Design - Media Arts & Animation - Multimedia & Web Design Visual Effects & Motion Graphics.
The Art Institute International Minnesota is located in Minneapolis and offers Advertising & Marketing degrees.
Westwood College has (5) campuses Anaheim, Upland and Los Angeles, CA. and Denver, CO. Marketing/e-business.


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