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Auto MechanicsAuto Mechanic School

This page provides information on auto mechanic schools that let you pursue a career as an automotive service technician. Information provided includes a directory of auto mechanic schools, along with forms to request additional information.

Auto Mechanic Work

Automotive technicians are responsible for diagnosing and repairing problems, or for tuning-up an engine to improve its overall performance. In the course of doing their job, an auto mechanic will use a wide variety of tools, including computerized auto test equipment and traditional hand tools. When problems are first brought to the auto mechanic, they initially interact with the person reporting the problem to gather as much information as possible about the symptoms. The mechanic then decides on an initial strategy to try and diagnose the problem, and then works on diagnosis until he or she has determined the nature of the problem. The auto mechanic must then implement a repair for the problem, and test the repair to make sure that it has been done correctly.

Auto Mechanic Skills

Auto mechanics must have computer skills to operate the automotive testing equipment used in diagnosis of todayís automobile problems. They also require strong analytical skills, mechanical dexterity, and the ability to keep up to date on the changing repair and service procedures used in newer models. In addition, auto mechanics must have good reading and mathematical skills to be able to study and absorb the material in technical manuals provided for each auto they work on.

Auto Mechanic School Courses

Auto mechanic school offers a wide range of course material and actual hands-on work to provide a broad background in the repair of automobiles. Courses include training on the basics of automobile operation and car engines. This includes extensive hands-on experience with the computerized systems used to diagnose problems. In addition, schools will teach basic English, computer, and math skills that are requirements of an auto mechanicís job.

Auto Mechanic Employment

While many auto mechanics work on a wide range of problems, specialties have developed, such as transmission repair, tune-ups, the air conditioning system, the front-end, and the brake system . Most auto mechanics work for retail and wholesale auto dealers, independent repair shops, or service facilities at major store chains. Most of the remainder work at gas stations, taxicab and auto leasing companies, or various government agencies. Formal training at an auto mechanic school is the best possible preparation for getting a job as an auto mechanic.

Our Auto Mechanic Schools will prepare you for an exciting and excellent paying career as an auto mechanic or Automotive Service Technician. School courses cover the trades of the Auto Mechanic and Diesel Engine Mechanics with specialization's in Bus Fleets and heavy equipment vehicles. Students will also learn, Automotive Engines & Repair and Performance, Power and Performance, Fuel & Ignition Systems, Driveability & Emissions, Automotive Powertrains, Brakes, Climate Control, Transmission, Auto Electronic Fundamentals, Automotive Electronic Technology Systems, Advanced Diagnostic Systems, Automotive Undercar, Collision and Refinishing, Hot Rod & Custom Motorcycle Body Fabrication, Hot Rod & Custom Motorcycle Chassis Fabrication Industry Management and Upholstery Technology and much more..

Job Highlights for Auto Mechanics

  • Formal automotive mechanical technician training is the best preparation for these challenging technology-based jobs.

  • Opportunities should be very good for automotive service technicians and auto mechanic with good diagnostic and problem-solving skills and knowledge of auto electronics and mathematics.

  • Automotive service technicians and mechanics must continually adapt to changing technology and repair techniques as vehicle components and systems become increasingly sophisticated.


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Online Programs Here

Nashville Auto Diesel College
Located in Nashville, TN, offers Associates Degrees and Diplomas in Automotive and Diesel Technology, Auto Body Repair Technology, and High Performance Cars.
PCDI Auto Mechanics
Auto Mechanics Home Study
Stratford Career Institute
Auto Mechanic Home Study Program
Thomson Education Direct
Auto Mechanic - Auto Body Repair - Diesel Mechanic - Small Engine Repairs - ATV - Marine - Boats - Accepts Students Worldwide

Campus Programs Here
UTI - Universal Technical Institute offers ASE/NATEF Master Certified automotive, diesel, industrial and NASCAR training programs. Students accepted Nationwide.
Advanced Technology Institute is located in Virginia Beach, Virginia offers the following NATEF and ASE certified career programs in Automotive, Diesel/Heavy Vehicles, High Performance Vehicles, HVAC and Refrigeration, Ford Maintenance and Light Repair, and Commercial Driving.
ATI Technical Training Center is located in Dallas TX., and offers automotive and diesel technology and combination welding.
All-State Career School - Baltimore
Located in Baltimore, Maryland, offering Class A CDL Advanced Tractor Trailer and Class B CDL Straight Truck Driver curricula.
Connecticut School of Electronics Automotive Technology on 5 campuses in Massachusetts and Connecticut.
Denver Automotive and Diesel College is located in Denver, Colorado accepting students from Alaska, California, Colorado, Iowa, New Mexico and Pennsylvania. They offer Automotive & Diesel and Trucking programs.
Lincoln Tech has (6) campuses: Grand Prairie, Texas, Allentown PA., Melrose Park IL., Indianapolis IN., Columbia MA., Mahwaw NJ., Union NJ., Philadelphia PA., offering Automotive & Diesel, Motorcycle& Small Engine Repair programs.
New Castle School of Trades is located in Pulaski New Castle, PA and accepts leads within a 60 mile radius. Offering Automotive Technology, Combination Welding, Commercial Truck Driving and Machine Technology.
New England Technical Institute located in New Britain, Connecticut teaches Auto & Diesel Mechanics.
New York Automotive & Diesel Institute is located in Jamaica, New York. Offering Certificate programs for Automotive and Diesel Technicians.
North American Trade Schools is located in Baltimore, Maryland and only accepts students all ready living within a 30 mile radius and offers Commercial Truck Driving and Diesel Technician courses.
Porter and Chester Institute has (5) campuses located in Chicopee, MA., Enfield CT., Stratford CT., Watertown CT., and Wethersfield CT., offering automotive mechanic.
Virginia College Technical serves the residents living near Pelham, Alabama and specializes in Automotive/Light Diesel, Collision/Refinishing, Hot Rod & Custom Motorcycle Body Fabrication, Hot Rod & Custom Motorcycle Chassis Fabrication, Industry Management and Upholstery Technology.
Westwood College is located in Denver CO. and teaches Automotive Technology.
WyoTech teaches Automotive Technology and serves the residents of Sacramento CA. who live within a 30 mile radius of the campus.
WyoTech in Fremont CA. offers specialized training in automotive, diesel, auto collision refinishing, street rod, service management, custom trim & upholstery, and advanced diesel applications.


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