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Auto Mechanic

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Auto Mechanics

Anyone whose car or light truck has broken down knows the importance of the jobs of automotive service technicians and auto mechanics. The ability to diagnose the source of a problem quickly and accurately. This most valuable skill-requires good reasoning ability and a thorough knowledge of automobiles. Many technicians consider diagnosing hard-to-find troubles one of their most challenging and satisfying duties.

The work of automotive service technicians and mechanic has evolved from simply mechanical to high technology. Today integrated auto electronic systems and complex computers run vehicles and measure their performance while on the road. Automotive service technicians have developed into diagnostic, high-tech problem solvers. Technicians must have an increasingly broad base of knowledge about how vehicles' complex components work and interact, as well as the ability to work with electronic diagnostic equipment and computer-based technical reference materials.

Automotive Service Technicians and mechanics use these high-tech skills to inspect, maintain, and repair automobiles and light trucks with gasoline engines. The increasing sophistication of automotive technology now relies on workers who can use computerized shop equipment and work with electronic components, while maintaining their skills with traditional hand tools. Because of these changes in the occupation, workers are increasingly called "automotive service technicians," and the title "auto mechanic" is being used less and less frequently. (Service technicians and mechanics who work on diesel-powered trucks, buses, and equipment are discussed in our statement on diesel mechanic school service technicians and mechanics. Motorcycle mechanics who repair and service motorcycles, motor scooters, mopeds, and, occasionally, small all-terrain vehicles are discussed in our directory about motorcycle mechanic school and small engine mechanics.)

When mechanical or electrical troubles occur, auto mechanic's or automotive technicians first get a description of the symptoms from the owner or, if they work in a large shop, the repair service estimator who wrote the repair order. To locate the problem, technicians use a diagnostic approach. First, they test to see if components and systems are proper and secure, and then isolate those components or systems that could not logically be the cause of the problem. For example, if an air conditioner malfunctions, the technician's diagnostic approach can pinpoint a problem as simple as a low coolant level or as complex as a bad drive-train connection that has shorted out the air conditioner. Technicians may have to test drive the vehicle or use a variety of testing equipment, such as onboard and hand-held diagnostic computers or compression gauges, to identify the source of the problem. These tests may indicate whether a component is salvageable or if a new one is required to get the vehicle back in working order.

Advanced Technology Institute

Advanced Technology Institute (ATI) provides training for rewarding careers for the Automotive Mechanic, Diesel Mechanic, Heavy Vehicle Technician, and Commercial Driving fields. From tires and suspension to computers and diagnostics, students learn the essentials of maintenance and auto repair procedures using hands-on instruction. Faculty are well qualified with years of industry related experience, academic preparation, and professional development.

Automotive Technology

From tires and suspension to computers and diagnostics, you will learn every aspect of automotive maintenance and repair in ATI's NATEF/ASE Master Certified Automotive Technology Programs.
Ford MLR Program
The Ford MLR program (Maintenance and light Repair) is an alliance among Ford Motor Company and various community colleges and technical schools. The MLR program gives you access to opportunities in profitable and rewarding careers. Your skills are in demand.

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Lincoln Tech - Auto Mechanic School
Offers seven locations and is licensed in the states of NJ, MD, TX, IN, IL, PA and offers several automotive diesel mechanic programs.

Automotive Technology Diploma

Whether you have prior experience working with cars or not, this program will prepare you to start your career as an automotive technician. Not only will you learn how to properly service engines, chassis and electrical systems, you will also become familiar with the various new technologies controlling today's cars.
Automotive Service Associate's Degree
This Associate's Degree program is identical to the Automotive Technology diploma program with the exception of three additional courses. These additional courses will provide you with the skills necessary to be successful in the business aspect of the automotive service industry.

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Westwood College Auto Mechanic School

The computer and electronic systems used in today’s automobiles are more advanced than ever. The high-tech systems that automotive mechanic's and repair technicians work within the future are expected to be even more complex. Campus: Denver CO.

Automotive Technology Degree

The associate degree program for auto mechanic's provides students with entry-level skills necessary to enter the automotive industry with knowledge and skills in both line and unit systems.

Westwood's Auto Mechanic Program Click Here

UTI Auto Mechanic School

UTI remains one of the few private technical schools in the nation to be ASE Master Certified in both the Automotive and Medium/Heavy truck areas.

Auto Mechanic School

Get hands-on training using the latest in today's automotive technology. UTI's industry connections ensures that you will receive the most current auto mechanic's instruction on the best equipment possible.
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Term Definition: An auto mechanic is a mechanic who specializes in automobile maintenance, repair and sometimes modification. Education is usually post-secondary or secondary vocational education, although the increasing use of sophisticated electronics and computers in cars is increasing computer related skill requirements, while decreasing the demand for "intuitive diagnosis" popularly associated with "experienced mechanics". Related jobs include motorcycle repair and small engine repair.

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Online Programs Here

Nashville Auto Diesel College
Located in Nashville, TN, offers Associates Degrees and Diplomas in Automotive and Diesel Technology, Auto Body Repair Technology, and High Performance Cars.
PCDI Auto Mechanics
Auto Mechanics Home Study
Stratford Career Institute
Auto Mechanic Home Study Program
Thomson Education Direct
Auto Mechanic - Auto Body Repair - Diesel Mechanic - Small Engine Repairs - ATV - Marine - Boats - Accepts Students Worldwide

Campus Programs Here
UTI - Universal Technical Institute offers ASE/NATEF Master Certified automotive, diesel, industrial and NASCAR training programs. Students accepted Nationwide.
Advanced Technology Institute is located in Virginia Beach, Virginia offers the following NATEF and ASE certified career programs in Automotive, Diesel/Heavy Vehicles, High Performance Vehicles, HVAC and Refrigeration, Ford Maintenance and Light Repair, and Commercial Driving.
ATI Technical Training Center is located in Dallas TX., and offers automotive and diesel technology and combination welding.
All-State Career School - Baltimore
Located in Baltimore, Maryland, offering Class A CDL Advanced Tractor Trailer and Class B CDL Straight Truck Driver curricula.
Connecticut School of Electronics Automotive Technology on 5 campuses in Massachusetts and Connecticut.
Denver Automotive and Diesel College is located in Denver, Colorado accepting students from Alaska, California, Colorado, Iowa, New Mexico and Pennsylvania. They offer Automotive & Diesel and Trucking programs.
Lincoln Tech has (6) campuses: Grand Prairie, Texas, Allentown PA., Melrose Park IL., Indianapolis IN., Columbia MA., Mahwaw NJ., Union NJ., Philadelphia PA., offering Automotive & Diesel, Motorcycle& Small Engine Repair programs.
New Castle School of Trades is located in Pulaski New Castle, PA and accepts leads within a 60 mile radius. Offering Automotive Technology, Combination Welding, Commercial Truck Driving and Machine Technology.
New England Technical Institute located in New Britain, Connecticut teaches Auto & Diesel Mechanics.
New York Automotive & Diesel Institute is located in Jamaica, New York. Offering Certificate programs for Automotive and Diesel Technicians.
North American Trade Schools is located in Baltimore, Maryland and only accepts students all ready living within a 30 mile radius and offers Commercial Truck Driving and Diesel Technician courses.
Porter and Chester Institute has (5) campuses located in Chicopee, MA., Enfield CT., Stratford CT., Watertown CT., and Wethersfield CT., offering automotive mechanic.
Virginia College Technical serves the residents living near Pelham, Alabama and specializes in Automotive/Light Diesel, Collision/Refinishing, Hot Rod & Custom Motorcycle Body Fabrication, Hot Rod & Custom Motorcycle Chassis Fabrication, Industry Management and Upholstery Technology.
Westwood College is located in Denver CO. and teaches Automotive Technology.
WyoTech teaches Automotive Technology and serves the residents of Sacramento CA. who live within a 30 mile radius of the campus.
WyoTech in Fremont CA. offers specialized training in automotive, diesel, auto collision refinishing, street rod, service management, custom trim & upholstery, and advanced diesel applications.


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