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Criminal Justice Degree

This Page Recommends Criminal Justice Degree Programs allows you to earn your choice of degree associate, bachelors or masters from accredited universities. . A criminal justice degree allows for a rewarding career as City or State Police Officer, Highway Patrol Officer, Sheriff, Deputy, Detectives, Plainclothes Detective, Correction Officer, Prison Guard, State Police Officers, FBI, Secret Service, Drug Enforcement Officer, US Marshals, Customs Investigators, and Diplomatic Security Special Agents. 


Criminal Justice Job Highlights

Criminal justice workers play a significant role in today society better training means a better system.
A bachelor's degree in social work, criminal justice, or a related field usually is required. Good employment opportunities are expected.

Criminal Justice Workers

The criminal justice system provides a way of administrating justice for people who commit crimes. People depend on police officers and detectives to protect their lives and property. Law enforcement officers, some of whom are State or Federal special agents or inspectors, perform these duties in a variety of ways, depending on the size and type of their organization. Many people who are convicted of crimes are placed on probation instead of being sent to prison. During probation, offenders must stay out of trouble and meet various other requirements. Probation officers, who also may be referred to as community supervision officers in some States, supervise people who have been placed on probation. Parole officers perform many of the same duties that probation officers perform. However, parole officers supervise offenders who have been released from prison on parole to ensure that they comply with the conditions of their parole. In some States, the job of parole and probation officer is combined.

Probation officers

Probation also spend much of their time working for the courts. They investigate the background of offenders brought before the court, write presentence reports, and make sentencing recommendations for each offender. Officers review sentencing recommendations with offenders and their families before submitting them to the court. Officers may be required to testify in court as to their findings and recommendations.

Probation officers usually work with either adults or juveniles exclusively. Only in small, usually rural jurisdictions do probation officers counsel both adults and juveniles. Occasionally, in the Federal courts system, probation officers may undertake the job of a pretrial services officer. Pretrial services officers conduct pretrial investigations and make bond recommendations for defendants.

Correctional treatment

Correctional treatment specialists work in correctional institutions (jails and prisons) or in parole or probation agencies. In jails and prisons, they evaluate the progress of inmates. They also work with inmates, probation officers, and other agencies to develop parole and release plans. Their case reports are provided to the appropriate parole board when their clients are eligible to be released. In addition, they plan educational and training programs to provide offenders with job skills, and counsel offenders either individually or in groups regarding their coping skills, anger management skills, and drug or sexual abuse. They usually write treatment plans and summaries for each client. Correctional treatment specialists working in parole and probation agencies perform many of the same duties as their counterparts who work in correctional institutions. Correctional treatment specialists may also be known as case managers or drug treatment specialists.

Criminal justice

Criminal justice social workers make recommendations to courts; prepare presentencing assessments; and provide services to prison inmates, parolees, probationers, and their families.

Substance abuse social workers counsel drug and alcohol abusers as they recover from their dependencies. They also arrange for other services that may help clients find employment or get training. They generally are employed in substance abuse treatment and prevention programs.

Sheriffs and deputy sheriffs enforce the law on the county level. Sheriffs are usually elected to their posts and perform duties similar to those of a local or county police chief. Sheriffs' departments tend to be relatively small, most having fewer than 25 sworn officers. A deputy sheriff in a large agency will have law enforcement duties similar to those of officers in urban police departments. Nationwide, about 40 percent of full-time sworn deputies are uniformed officers assigned to patrol and respond to calls, 12 percent are investigators, 30 percent are assigned to jail-related duties, and 11 percent perform court-related duties, with the balance in administration. Police and sheriffs' deputies who provide security in city and county courts are sometimes called bailiffs.

State police officers sometimes called State troopers or highway patrol officers arrest criminals Statewide and patrol highways to enforce motor vehicle laws and regulations. Uniformed officers are best known for issuing traffic citations to motorists who violate the law. At the scene of accidents, they may direct traffic, give first aid, and call for emergency equipment. They also write reports used to determine the cause of the accident. State police officers are frequently called upon to render assistance to other law enforcement agencies, especially those in rural areas or small towns.

State law enforcement

State law enforcement agencies operate in every State except Hawaii. Seventy percent of the full-time sworn personnel in the 49 State police agencies are uniformed officers who regularly patrol and respond to calls for service. Fifteen percent are investigators; 2 percent are assigned to court-related duties; and the remaining 13 percent work in administrative or other assignments.

The Federal Government

The Federal Goverment maintains a high profile in many areas of law enforcement. The U.S. Department of Justice is the largest employer of sworn Federal officers. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agents are the Government's principal investigators, responsible for investigating violations of more than 260 statutes and conducting sensitive national security investigations. Agents may conduct surveillance, monitor court-authorized wiretaps, examine business records, investigate white-collar crime, track the interstate movement of stolen property, collect evidence of espionage activities, or participate in sensitive undercover assignments. The FBI investigates organized crime, public corruption, financial crime, fraud against the government, bribery, copyright infringement, civil rights violations, bank robbery, extortion, kidnapping, air piracy, terrorism, espionage, interstate criminal activity, drug trafficking, and other violations of Federal statutes.

U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)

DEA agents enforce laws and regulations relating to illegal drugs. Not only is the DEA the lead agency for domestic enforcement of Federal drug laws, it also has sole responsibility for coordinating and pursuing U.S. drug investigations abroad. Agents may conduct complex criminal investigations, carry out surveillance of criminals, and infiltrate illicit drug organizations using undercover techniques.

U.S. marshals

U.S.marsals and deputy marshals protect the Federal courts and ensure the effective operation of the judicial system. They provide protection for the Federal judiciary, transport Federal prisoners, protect Federal witnesses, and manage assets seized from criminal enterprises. They enjoy the widest jurisdiction of any Federal law enforcement agency and are involved to some degree in nearly all Federal law enforcement efforts. In addition, U.S. marshals pursue and arrest Federal fugitives.

Term Definition:

The system of law enforcement, the bar, the judiciary, corrections, and probation that is directly involved in the apprehension, prosecution, defense, sentencing, incarceration, and supervision of those suspected of or charged with criminal offenses.


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Online Programs Here

AIU Criminal Justice Degree
The AIU Online Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice degree program is specifically targeted towards current law enforcement professional looking to climb the ranks or students considering a career change to the rapidly expanding field of Criminal Justice.
Ashworth College Online offers an Associate degree or Master's Degree in Criminal Justice 100% online.
Capella University offers Master's and Doctor's degrees in Criminal Justice.
Colorado Technical University Online
Offering a 15-month Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice.
Concord Law School can only accept online applications from United States, U.S. Territory, and U.S. Military addresses. offering several types of law degrees.
FMU Online Criminal Justice Master's program provides a broad under standing of the criminal justice system and prepares graduates for career opportunities in probation, corrections, immigration, and case social work.
Liberty University Online The Criminal Justice curriculum provides a strong foundation of both knowledge and skills in a wide variety of criminal justice related fields. Whether a student will pursue an entry level position, or is currently employed in law enforcement and wants to complete a four-year degree, the goal is to equip students to become qualified leaders in their chosen careers.
University of Cincinnati
Online Masters in Criminal Justice.
Kaplan College
Criminal Justice certificate, associate's, and bachelor's degrees
ITT Tech Institute
Associate or Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice and Bachelor's in Information Systems Security.
PCDI Online
Associate Degree Criminal Justice.
University of Phoenix Online
Bachelor of Science in
Criminal Justice Administration
Utica College offers Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Economic Crime Investigation, Economic Crime Management, and Fraud Management
Virginia College Online offers both Associate and Bachelor degrees in Criminal Justice.
Saint Leo University offers Online MBA's and Master's Degrees in Criminal Justice.
Stratford Career Institute Private Investigators.
Walden University
Offers Ph.D. degrees in Criminal Justice and MPA degrees in Emergency Response Policy and Coordination, and Public Safety Management.
University of Phoenix
Bachelors degree for Criminal Justice.

Campus Programs Here
Bauder College is located in Atlanta, Georgia, offering, Criminal Justice degrees.
Berks Technical Institute is located in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, offering Legal & Paralegal degrees.
Blair College is located in Colorado Springs, Colorado offering Criminal Justice degrees.
Bradford School is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, offering Legal & Paralegal curricula.
Brown College has campuses in both Mendota Heights, Minnesota (minutes from Minneapolis/Saint Paul Airport and the Mall of America) and Brooklyn Center (in the western Twin Cities suburbs). Offering Associate Degrees in Criminal Justice.
Bryan College of Court Reporting is located in Los Angeles, California and offers degrees and certificates in Court Reporting Deposition Reporting, Steno Interpreting and Television Captioning.
Brown Mackie College is located in Louisville, KY., offering Paralegal, and Criminal Justice degrees.
CDI College has (11) locations throughout Canada offering Criminal Justice, and Police Foundations degrees.
Central Pennsylvania College (Harrisburg Campus) is located in Summerdale, Pennsylvania, offering Criminal Justice curricula.
Central Pennsylvania College (Lancaster Center) is located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, offering Criminal Justice curricula.
Chaparral College is located in Tucson, Arizona offering, Criminal Justice degrees.
CHI Institute is located in Southampton, PA and offers a Criminal Justice degrees.
City College ia located in Miami, Florida offering, Criminal Justice degrees.
CLN is located in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania offering Criminal Justice degrees.
Denver Career College is located in Denver, CO and offers a Criminal Justice Associate Of Science degrees.
Duffs Business Institute is located in Pittsburgh, PA and offers a Criminal Justice Degree - Legal Administrative Secretary degree and Associate in Specialized Business Degree for a Paralegal.
Draughons Junior College has (4) locations in Bowling Green, KY., and Clarksville, Murfreeboro, and Nashville, TN., offering Criminal Justice, and Legal Assisting degrees.
ECPI has (8) Campuses located in Charlotte, Greensboro, and Raleigh NC., and Charleston, and Greenville, SC., and Newport News, Northern Virginia, and Virginia Beach VA,. Offering Criminal Justice degrees.
Everest College has (2) campuses Rancho Cucamonga CA and Phoenix AZ offering an Associate of Science Degree in Criminal Justice and Legal Assistant degree program.
FMU Campus (9) Florida campus locations offering Associates, Bachelor, Master's degree in Criminal Justice and Legal Assistant/Paralegal degrees.
Katharine Gibbs School has (9) campus locations accepting student from throughout the United States willing to relocate to a nearby location. The school offers Criminal Justice courses.
Hagerstown Business College is located in Hagerstown, Maryland offering Criminal Justice, Legal & Paralegal curricula.
Hamilton College is located in Des Moines, IA. and offers a Criminal Justice associate of applied science degree.
Hesser College is located in Manchester, NH offering, Criminal Justice degrees.
Heald College (8) campuses in Concord, Fresno, Hayward, Rancho Cordova, Roseville, Salinas, San Francisco and San Jose, CA. offering criminal justice degrees.
ICM School located in Pittsburgh, PA offers Associate in Specialized Business degrees in Criminal Justice and Criminal Justice - Cybercrime.
International Institute of the Americas is located in Albuquerque, NM offering Detention and Security, Justice Administration degrees.
Las Vegas College Offering degress in Criminal Justice.
Maric College has (2) location in Modesto and Sacramento, CA. offering Criminal Justice degrees.
Pioneer Pacific College has (3) schools that teach Criminal Justice, Legal Assisting and Paralegal in Clackamas, Eugene and Wilsonville, Oregon.
Rasmussen College has (5) campuses Eagan, Mankato, Minnetonka, St. Cloud and Minnesota MN., offering an Associates Degree in Criminal Justice.
Southeastern Career Institute located in Dallas, TX offers Associate degree in Criminal Justice.
TESST College of Technology located in Beltsville, MD offers Associate degree in Criminal Justice.
Thompson Institute located in Harrisburg, PA offers degree program in Criminal Justice.


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