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Diesel Mechanic

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Diesel Mechanic School will prepare you for an exciting and excellent paying career as Diesel Service Technicians, Diesel Mechanic or Auto-Diesel Mechanic. Training includes diesel truck engines, bus fleets, heavy equipment vehicles, student will also learn, automotive engines and repair of diesel fuel & ignition systems, emissions diesel powertrains, brakes, transmission, electronic technology fundamentals, and advanced diagnostic systems. Graduates earn diplomas and degrees as Diesel Mechanic's or Diesel Truck Service Technicians.

Diesel Mechanic School

Job Highlights for Diesel Mechanic Technicians

A career as a diesel mechanic or diesel service technician offers relatively high wages and the challenge of skilled repair work.
Opportunities are expected to be good for persons who complete formal diesel mechanic training programs.
National certification is the recognized standard of achievement for diesel service technicians and mechanics.

Diesel Truck Mechanic

The diesel engine is the workhorse powering the Nation's trucks and buses, because it delivers more power and is more durable than its gasoline-burning counterpart. Diesel-powered engines also are becoming more prevalent in light vehicles, including pickups and other work trucks.

The diesel mechanic

Service Technicians and mechanics also known as bus and truck mechanics and diesel engine specialists ,repair and maintain the diesel engines that power transportation equipment such as heavy trucks ,buses and locomotives. . Some diesel mechanic technicians also work on heavy vehicles and mobile equipment such as bulldozers, cranes, road graders, farm tractors, and combines. A small number of technicians repair diesel-powered passenger automobiles, light trucks, or boats.

Technicians spend most of their time in the maintenance of their own organizations vehicles to ensure a proper operation. These workers also eliminate unnecessary exposure to preventive maintenance of parts.  A Routine Checklist that includes inspection of brake systems, steering mechanisms, wheel bearings and other important parts. Technicians repair or adjust parts that donot work or remove and replace parts that cannot be fixed.

Increasingly, diesel mechanic technicians must be flexible, in order to adapt to customer needs and new technologies. It is common for technicians to handle all kinds of repairs, from working on a vehicle's electrical system one day, to doing major engine repairs the next. Diesel engine maintenance is becoming increasingly complex, as more electronic components are used to control engine operation. For example, microprocessors regulate and manage fuel timing, increasing engine efficiency. In modern shops, diesel mechanic and service technicians use hand-held computers to diagnose problems and adjust engine functions. Technicians must continually learn about new techniques and advanced materials.

Diesel mechanic service technicians use a variety of tools in their work, including power tools, such as pneumatic wrenches, to remove bolts quickly; machine tools, such as lathes and grinding machines, to rebuild brakes; welding and flame-cutting equipment to remove and repair exhaust systems; and jacks and hoists to lift and move large parts. Common hand tools-screwdrivers, pliers, and wrenches-are used to work on small parts and get at hard-to-reach places. Diesel mechanic service technicians also use a variety of computerized testing equipment to pinpoint and analyze malfunctions in electrical systems and engines.

In large shops,mechanics and technicians generally receive their assignments from shop supervisors or service managers. Most supervisors and managers are experienced technicians who also assist in diagnosing problems and maintaining quality standards. Technicians may work as a team or be assisted by an apprentice or helper when doing heavy work, such as removing engines and transmissions.

Training, Other Qualifications, and Advancement

Although many persons qualify as a diesel mechanics and mechanic jobs through years of on-the-job training, authorities recommend completion of a formal diesel engine mechanic training program. Employers prefer to hire graduates of formal diesel engine training programs because these workers often have a head start in training and are able to quickly advance to the journey level.

Directory of Schools features school programs in diesel repair. These programs, lasting 6 months to 2 years, lead to a certificate of completion or an associate degree. Programs vary in the degree of hands-on training they provide on equipment. Some offer about 30 hours per week on equipment, whereas others offer more lab or classroom instruction. Training provides a foundation in the latest diesel technology and instruction in the service and repair of the diesel engine vehicles and equipment that technicians will encounter on the job. training programs also improve the skills needed to interpret technical manuals and to communicate with co-workers and customers. In addition to the hands-on aspects of the training, many institutions teach communication skills, customer service, basic understanding of physics, and logical thought. Increasingly, employers work closely with representatives of training programs, providing instructors with the latest equipment, techniques, and tools and offering jobs to graduates. Directory of Schools receives requests daily from employers seeking qualified diesel engine mechanics.


For This Profile 285,000 vacancies in 2000. One fourth of the technicians worked as servicing buses, trucks and other diesel powered equipment of customers of vehicle and equipment dealers, automotive rental and leasing agencies, or independent automotive repair shops.

About one fifth i.e. 20 percent of the remaining worked for local and long distance companies, school systems or Federal, State, and local governments. . The remaining technicians maintained vehicles and other equipment for manufacturing, construction, or other companies. A relatively small number were self-employed. Nearly every section of the country employs diesel engine mechanics and diesel service technicians, although most work in towns and cities where trucking companies, buslines, and other fleet owners have large operations.


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Thomson Education Direct
Home Study Diesel Mechanic School

Campus Programs Here
Advanced Technology Institute
Located in Virginia Beach, Virginia, Automotive & Diesel, Heating & Refrigeration and Trucking curricula.
All-State Career School - Baltimore
Located in Baltimore, Maryland, offering Class A CDL Advanced Tractor Trailer and Class B CDL Straight Truck Driver curricula.
All-State Career School - LCCC
Located in Schnecksville, PA offering Class A CDL Tractor Trainer and Class B CDL Straight Truck Driver Program.
All-State Career School - Lester
Located in Lester, Pennsylvania, offering Trucking Driver Training.
All-State Career - North Versailles Located in North Versailles, Pennsylvania offering Truck driver training programs, Class A and Class B Tractor Training.
ATI Technical Training Center located in Dallas TX., and offers automotive and diesel technology and combination welding.
CDM Institute - Mt. Laurel
Located in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey offering Automotive & Diesel Tech.
Denver Automotive and Diesel College
Located in Denver, Colorado accepting students from Alaska, California, Colorado, Iowa, New Mexico and Pennsylvania, offering Automotive & Diesel and Trucking programs.
Lincoln Tech has (6) campuses: Grand Prairie, Texas, Allentown PA., Melrose Park IL., Indianapolis IN., Columbia MA., Mahwaw NJ., Union NJ., Philadelphia PA., offering Automotive & Diesel, Motorcycle& Small Engine Repair programs.
Nashville Auto Diesel College Located in Nashville, TN, Nashville Auto Diesel College offers Associates Degrees and Diplomas in Automotive and Diesel Technology, Auto Body Repair Technology, and High Performance.
New Castle School of Trades is located in Pulaski/New Castle, PA and accepts students within a 60 mile radius and offers Auto and Diesel, Mechanic Building Construction and Commercial Truck Driving Training.
North American Trade Schools
Located in Baltimore, Maryland accepting students from Delaware, Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania and Virginia, offering a Diesel Technician program
UTI - Universal Technical Institute offers ASE/NATEF Master Certified automotive, diesel, industrial and NASCAR training programs. Students accepted Nationwide.
Westwood College
Located in Denver, CO offering Automotive mechanic programs



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