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Florida Metropolitan University Online:


About FMU
With over 8,000 students enrolled Florida Metropolitan University (FMU) is one of the largest private universities in Florida. In response to Florida's rapidly growing population, FMU focuses on business and related fields. The staff and faculty of the University are committed to assisting students in developing and enhancing their capabilities, skills, and effectiveness in their chosen professions.

Since its early roots, dating back to 1890, FMU has grown to nine campuses throughout the state. The campuses were organized as Florida Metropolitan University in 1995. FMU's campuses are located in: Brandon, Tampa, Lakeland, Clearwater, Orlando, Melbourne, Fort Lauderdale, and Jacksonville.

University Mission
The mission of Florida Metropolitan University is the education of qualified undergraduate and graduate students through the delivery of career-oriented Associate's, Baccalaureate, and Master's degree programs in a personalized teaching and learning environment designed to support students' personal and professional development.

Online Programs

Associate Degree Programs

Business Administration
Criminal Justice
Legal Assistant/Paralegal
Bachelor Degree Programs

Business Administration
Criminal Justice
Master Degree Programs

Business Administration
Criminal Justice

For Online Programs

All FMU Programs
Associate Degree Programs
Commercial Art
Computer Information Science
Criminal Justice
Film and Video
Hospitality Management
International Business
Legal Assistant/Paralegal
Medical Assisting
Office Technologies
Other Programs
Computer Office Technologies & Applications
Medical Insurance Billing/Coding
Network Administration
Pharmacy Technician
Surgical Technologist
Web Engineering

Bachelor Degree Programs

Business Administration
Computer Information Science
Criminal Justice
Health Care Administration
Hospitality Management
International Business
Legal Assistant/Paralegal
Master Degree Programs
Business Administration
Criminal Justice

Degree Programs

Accounting (A.S. B.S.) Online or Campus

All companies rely on accounting to record financial transactions, tax issues, and analysis. The Associate in Science degree in Accounting offers an introduction to the principles of accounting. Other components include payroll, tax and computerized accounting, and financial statement analysis.

The Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting prepares students to measure and communicate the financial position of an enterprise and provide advice on taxation, management services, and the analysis of information systems. Students also gain knowledge of auditing through theory and practice. Request More Information

Business (A.B.) Online or Campus

Business skills are essential in every industry and having a solid background will only improve the competitiveness of any person seeking employment or advancement in this field.

The Business program offers introductory courses in business enterprise, marketing, finance, and human resources, plus business law and advertising. With the demand for computer knowledge in the business world, students are also given experience in computer applications. Request More Information

Business Administration (B.S.) Online or Campus
Business skills are essential in every industry and having a solid background will only improve the competitiveness of any person seeking employment or advancement in this field.

The Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration is designed primarily for those who plan to enter or advance in a small business environment or for those in a mid-level management position in either private or public enterprise.

This program takes business administration one step further by introducing international business, business policy and strategy, business ethics, and market research. Heavy emphasis is placed on management. Request More Information

Computer Information Science (A.S. B.S.) Campus Only
The Associate in Science degree in Computer Information Science will familiarize students with microcomputer applications, programming applications, data communication, and design in programming languages.

The Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Information Science offers graduates special training in the development, analysis, and design of computer information systems and database management systems. The program focuses on concepts, principles, goals, functions, and management of information driven business organizations, stressing the development of business applications through the use of computer languages.

Advanced courses in programming languages provide students with better insight into computer programming. Employment in this field is expected to grow much faster than average in the next several years. Click Here: To see if you qualify

Commercial Art (A.S.) Campus Only
The Associate in Science degree in Commercial Art is designed to prepare students for employment in the graphic arts industry as artists and illustrators. Students will acquire proficiency in such areas as typography, illustration, graphic design, layout, photo manipulation, and desktop publishing.

Using a Macintosh, the latest design software will be introduced, giving students the computer skills necessary to succeed in the ever-changing field of Commercial Art. Graduates will be qualified to seek employment in advertising agencies, design firms, production houses, and other industries related to commercial art and graphic design. Click Here: To see if you qualify

Criminal Justice Online or Campus (A.S. B.S.)

The Associate in Science degree in Criminal Justice provides a broad understanding of the criminal justice system and introduces law and legal procedures, along with criminal evidence and criminology.

The Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice enhances the study of the criminal justice system and expands into areas such as gang activity, drug operations, and criminal justice management.

The curriculum is designed to offer a balance of theory and application that will prove to be challenging to students, and useful in the field. Request More Information

Film and Video (A.S.) Campus Only

The Film and Video program incorporates specialized training in various facets of film and video production. Additional training includes computer graphics, film history, script development, film criticism, and business management as is relates to the film industry.

The Associate in Science degree in Film and Video prepares students to enter the creative and rewarding fields of motion pictures, television, and video as a freelance contractor or in an entry-level position. Click Here: To see if you qualify

Health Care Administration (B.S.) Campus Only

Major changes have occurred in health care administration over the past decade and the trend appears to be continuing with increasing intensity and scope. The entire health care industry is undergoing major shifts in direction, which demand a workforce able to develop innovative methods for managing health care service delivery.

Our Bachelor of Science in Health Care Administration focuses on meeting these changes and preparing graduates for work in the health care delivery system. This program prepares individuals to work effectively in the rapidly changing health care delivery system at a professional management level.
Click Here: To see if you qualify

Hospitality Management (A.S. B.S.) Campus Only

By providing both basic and hospitality-specific training in management, accounting, and marketing, the Associate in Science degree in Hospitality Management equips students for entry-level supervisory positions in the hotel and restaurant industry.

The Bachelor of Science degree in Hospitality Management prepares students for management positions with special emphasis on sales, marketing, and management functions. Managers direct and coordinate the operation of hotels and restaurants to ensure profitability, efficiency, and quality customer service. Click Here: To see if you qualify

International Business (A.S. B.S.) Online or Campus

Because of the conversion to a global economy, international business has become an important sector of the business world today. Knowledge of the structure of international markets is essential for any business wanting to succeed in this area. The Associate in Science degree in International Business emphasizes the foundation of international business with management and marketing, business law, international competitiveness, and current issues in a global economy. Students are also introduced to advertising and business enterprise as related to international business. The Bachelor of Science degree in International Business further provides students with the tools for understanding and dealing in foreign markets. Industry and trade, import and export management, international marketing analysis, consumer behavior, and global marketing are some of the main areas covered in this degree. Request More Information

Legal Assistant/Paralegal (A.S. B.S.) Online or Campus
The Paralegal/Legal Assistant program is designed to prepare students to enter the legal field as a Legal Assistant or Paralegal. The Associate in Science degree emphasizes practical civil litigation skills and tasks. The program prepares future Legal Assistants and Paralegal's to perform tasks such as researching legal issues, drafting legal documents, preparing pleadings, summarizing documents, organizing trial notebooks, and interviewing clients.

The program also focuses on another aspect of the legal field, contracts. Students learn about the formation of contracts, breach of contracts, and remedies for the breach of contracts. Estate planning, wills, trusts, estate taxes, estate sales, joint tenancy, and judicial determination of death are also covered. In addition, the program also covers family law and criminal law. Family law specializes in divorce, separation, custody, adoption, guardianship, and community property. In criminal law, students learn about defining common law, statutory crimes and punishment, classification of crimes, principles of liability by specific defenses, and basic criminal procedure concepts.

The Bachelor of Science degree in Legal Assistant/Paralegal enhances the study of law and legal research to permit graduates to further their legal knowledge while enhancing their opportunity for career advancement. Request More Information

Management/Business (A.S. B.S.) Online or Campus

The Associate in Science degree in Management is designed to provide students with basic management skills. As a result of the emerging global market, an introductory course in international management is also provided.

The Bachelor of Science degree in Management offers additional studies in management including business law, human resources, business policies and strategy, ethics, and labor relations. This program is designed to give students skills for middle management positions. Request More Information

Management/Marketing (A.S. B.S.) Campus Only
In the Associate in Science degree in Management/Marketing, students gain general knowledge in advertising, customer relations, international marketing, and business law. Current issues in marketing are addressed and students learn how to use the Internet as it applies to marketing. International Management/Marketing courses are also included in the program, giving students more experience in the ever-changing global market.

The Bachelor of Science degree in Management/Marketing offers additional studies in such areas as marketing, research, consumer behavior, and personnel management. Click Here: To see if you qualify

Marketing (A.S. B.S.) Campus Only
The Associate in Science degree in Marketing offers an introduction to marketing principles with emphasis in advertising, business, and international marketing.

The Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing offers additional studies in marketing including marketing research, promotional policies, strategies, public relations, and consumer behavior to marketing.
Click Here: To see if you qualify

Medical Assisting (A.S.) Campus Only

The Medical Assisting program is designed to bridge the gap between the traditional nurse in the physician's office and the medical secretary. The degree prepares graduates to be entry-level paraprofessionals in medical offices, clinics, and associated medical facilities. In addition to basic diagnostic and laboratory procedures, students learn current medical technology, medical codes, and other skills necessary to excel in the healthcare industry.

Upon completion of an Associate in Science degree in Medical Assisting, students will have taken a variety of courses related to the healthcare field. Courses include Anatomy and Physiology, Clinical Assisting, Pharmacology, and X-ray Procedures. To ensure a complete background of the medical field, the Medical Assisting program covers medical insurance billing, medical transcription, and business management as it relates to healthcare. Click Here: To see if you qualify

Office Technologies (A.S.) Campus Only

The Associate in Science degree in Office Technologies is designed to meet the needs of those students who are interested in all aspects of secretarial work. The program places emphasis on typing, word processing skills, records, and office management. Concentrations are available in Medical Executive Assistant and Administrative Office Management. Click Here: To see if you qualify

Master Degree Programs
Business Administration (M.B.A.) Online or Campus
The Master of Business Administration is designed to enhance the individual's effectiveness in business and industry in the areas of accounting, economics, management, and marketing.

As a result of the changing and constantly evolving world of business, the graduate program emphasizes students' initiative, independence, critical thinking, and responsibility so that they may gain the heightened self-discipline, skill, and reasoning necessary to become valued leaders in the community. Request More Information

Criminal Justice (M.S.) Online or Campus
The Master of Science, Criminal Justice program is designed to meet the needs of a highly focused but multifaceted institution of American society, the Criminal Justice system. The program utilizes a multi-discipline approach to serve the variety of agencies/departments within the Criminal Justice community.

The curriculum is designed to offer a balance of theory and application that will prove to be challenging to the student and useful in the field, and focuses on law enforcement administration, corrections, juvenile justice, drug abuse, and abuse counseling.

Students will take elective courses in Modern Constitutional Theory, Victimology, Counseling the Offender, and Interpersonal Management Skills. Request More Information

Other Programs
Computer Office Technologies and Applications - Campus Only
The Computer Office Technologies & Applications program provides both technical and practical training that will enable the office professional to function as a competent assistant to management staff. Our program prepares you to be an administrative assistant to management staff. Training encompasses a thorough understanding of the duties, responsibilities, skills, and knowledge required of an administrative assistant. The focus of this program is to prepare graduates to utilize the Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, and Outlook applications in Microsoft Office 2000 to their highest capabilities. Career preparation institutions, like ours, focus on training students for specific careers and placing them in jobs after graduation. Click Here: To see if you qualify

Medical Insurance Billing/Coding - Campus Only
The health care field offers a variety of interesting and challenging career opportunities to graduates of the Medical Insurance Billing/Coding program. A career education at our campus will give you significant advantages when seeking employment in this professional sector. Our approach of emphasizing concentrated programs, delivered in a small class setting, serves to meet the needs of our students entering or re-entering today's job market.

Our Medical Insurance Billing/Coding program is designed to prepare students for positions as Medical Insurance Billers in today's health care offices, clinics, and facilities. Students learn diagnostic and procedural terminology as it relates to the accurate completion of medical insurance claims. A combination of skills will prepare students for the ever changing field of insurance billing. Students learn not only coding procedures, but also the proper management and execution of various medical insurance plans and programs.

They will practice interviewing and documentation skills, demonstrating the proper methods of obtaining patient information necessary for successful claims management. In simulated practice, students will prepare insurance claims manually and by computer. The legal and ethical responsibilities of the health care worker are introduced as they relate to the medical office and common office billing practices.
Click Here: To see if you qualify

Network Administration - Campus Only
The comprehensive program covers courses from Introduction to Word Processing to Multiplatform Networking.

Students will gain knowledge of databases, core technology, networking, Internet Information Servers, TCP/IP, Microsoft network administration, and hardware concepts. The program also focuses on workplace relationships with co-workers, supervisors, and customers.

To provide on-the-job experience, externship courses are provided to allow students to apply what they have learned in the classroom to real-world situations. This experience includes creating and deleting users, adding peripherals, monitoring network security, and configuring and troubleshooting. This is valuable experience for students to help ease the transition from the classroom to the workplace.
Click Here: To see if you qualify

Pharmacy Technician - Campus Only

Pharmacy Technicians are now performing many of the traditional pharmacy functions. Today's Pharmacy Technician has assumed a position that supports and enhances the progressive direction taken by pharmacy. The Pharmacy Technician has also become the key person in assuring the smooth uninterrupted functioning of traditional pharmacy services.

Graduates from this diploma program will become active participants in this growing field by exhibiting competence through knowledge and skills learned through the college. The Pharmacy Technician program prepares the student with both administrative and clinical skills for a position in retail, hospital, clinic and home IV facilities.

The program provides the student with the theory and hands-on applications required to demonstrate an understanding of the basic principles and practices of pharmacy technology; recognize, spell, define, and use appropriate medical terminology, words, and abbreviations; use appropriate pharmacy skills; discuss and demonstrate how to work with pharmaceutical dosage forms; and show competency in performing pharmaceutical calculations. Click Here: To see if you qualify

Surgical Technologist - Campus Only

Surgical Technologists are generally employed by hospitals, and work in operating and delivery rooms. Surgical Technologists, also called surgical or operating room technicians, assist in operations under the supervision of surgeons, registered nurses, or other surgical personnel. Before an operation, Surgical Technologists are frequently responsible for setting up the operating room with surgical instruments and equipment, sterile linens, and sterile solutions.

The Surgical Technologist program is designed to train diligent students to use proper surgical asepsis before, during, and after surgical intervention; recognize basic instrument sets (major, minor, and plastic); position patients with ease and knowledge; be aware of the general set up of both the mayo tray and back table; and function effectively as members of a surgical team. Students in the Surgical Technologist program will be certified in CPR. Prior to graduation, students will spend time in a hospital or clinic operating room working under the supervision of a nurse or operating room technician. Upon completion of the program, students are eligible to take the national certification exam.
Click Here: To see if you qualify

Web Engineering - Campus Only
Growth of the Internet and expansion of the World Wide Web (WWW) have generated a variety of occupations relating to design, development, and maintenance of web sites and their servers. The current demand for people with skills related to the Internet or World Wide Web has employers actively seeking workers capable of implementing today's hot, new technologies.

The rate at which the Internet and, in particular, the World Wide Web have expanded demonstrates the potential effects of yet unknown technological developments and the tremendous room for growth.

The Web Engineering program covers the topics necessary to gain a complete understanding of the latest Internet and web site development technologies, which include all aspects of implementing an Internet and/or Intranet web site including planning, network management, site design, applicable programming skills, and site security. Students will also learn HTML, DHTML, XML, and scripting languages such as JavaScript, CGI, PERL, and ASP. Click Here: To see if you qualify

FMU Campuses
Jacksonville Campus
8226 Phillips Hwy.
Jacksonville, FL 32256 Melbourne Campus
2401 N. Harbor City Blvd.
Melbourne, FL 32935 Brandon Campus
3924 Coconut Palm Drive
Tampa, FL 33619
North Orlando Campus
5421 Diplomat Circle
Orlando, FL 32810 Pompano Beach Campus
225 North Federal Hwy.
Pompano Beach, FL 33062 Lakeland Campus
995 East Memorial Blvd.
Lakeland, FL 33801
South Orlando Campus
9200 South Park Center Loop
Orlando, FL 32819 Tampa Campus
3319 W. Hillsborough Avenue
Tampa, FL 33614 Pinellas Campus
2471 Mc Mullen Booth Rd.
Clearwater, FL 33759

* To qualify, FMU students must meet a residency requirement and have current valid home address within 10 miles from any of the above campuses. If you met the requirement and live within 10 miles, then please use this link to request your free information. Florida Metropolitan University


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