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This Page Provides You With The Information About Associate of Applied Science Degree in Gun Smithing prepares students for an exciting career as a Gunsmith. Gunsmiths spend their workday repairing and building custom firearms, operating lathes and mills, and performing detailed wood shaping and finishing.

Gun Smithing School

Colorado School of Trades
Colorado School of trades has a 50-year history of teaching students. It is the oldest and largest gunsmithing school in the United States (CST) and offers you just that opportunity. Think about it for a second…..getting up every day knowing that you are going to spend the next eight or so hours doing what you would rather be doing than anything else….. working on firearms, talking about firearms, performing an artisan craft as old as America itself:
Associate of Applied Science Degree Gun Smithing
The Associate of Applied Science Degree in Gun smithing teaches individuals to perform detailed hand and machine work to exact specifications, working on their customer's prized possessions. Certainly, a Gunsmith's customer would perform their own repairs and enhancements if they could, but they can only watch and wish. The art of manipulating metal and wood, combining the characteristics of each into a perfectly functioning machine is an enviable skill; a skill which the CST graduate possesses.

This popular school has limited openings so apply early in the month for the best spots.

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Colorado School of Trades
Provides hands on gunsmithing to limited number of students per month, best to apply the first day of the month if you want the best hands on school.
Modern Gun School An online college accepting students nationally and offering Gunsmithing curriculum.
Gunsmithing Online Program
Thomson Education Direct
Online Gunsmithing Program


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