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Health Care ManagementThis Page Provides Information about Online Health Care Administration Degree Program. This program is for managers seeking continuing education certificate, associate, bachelor, Masterís, and Doctorís degree in healthcare administration, medical managers, health services managers, and clinical managers.

Job Highlights for Health Care Administrators

Earnings of medical and health services managers are high, but long work hours are common.
A master's degree is the standard credential for most positions, although a bachelor's degree is adequate for some entry-level positions in smaller facilities.
Employment will grow fastest in practitioners' offices and in home healthcare services.
Applicants with work experience in healthcare and strong business and management skills should have the best opportunities.


Healthcare is also a kind of business, it needs good management to keep it running smoothly. Medical and health services managers include specialists and generalists. The occupation, medical and health services manager encompasses all individuals who plan, direct, coordinate, and supervise the delivery of healthcare. . Specialists are in charge of specific clinical departments or services, while generalists manage or help to manage an entire facility or system.

The structure and financing of healthcare

The structure and financing of health is changing rapidly. Future medical and health services managers must be prepared to deal with evolving integrated healthcare delivery systems, technological innovations, an increasingly complex regulatory environment, restructuring of work, and an increased focus on preventive care. They will be called upon to improve efficiency in healthcare facilities and the quality of the healthcare provided. Increasingly, medical and health services managers will work in organizations in which they must optimize efficiency of a variety of interrelated services-for example, those ranging from inpatient care to outpatient follow up care.

Large facilities usually have several assistant administrators to aid the top administrator and to handle daily decisions. Assistant administrators may direct activities in clinical areas such as nursing, surgery, therapy, medical records, or health information. (Managers in non health areas, such as administrative services, computer and information systems, finance, and human resources, are not included in this statement.

In smaller facilities, top administrators handle more of the details of daily operations. For example, many nursing home administrators manage personnel, finance, facility operations, and admissions, and have a larger role in resident care.

Clinical managers

Clinical managers establish and implement policies, objectives, and procedures for their departments; evaluate personnel and work; develop reports and budgets; and coordinate activities with other managers. Clinical managers have more specific responsibilities than do generalists, and have training or experience in a specific clinical area. For example, directors of physical therapy are experienced physical therapists, and most health information and medical record administrators have a bachelor's degree in health information or medical record administration.

In group medical practices, managers work closely with physicians. Whereas an office manager may handle business affairs in small medical groups, leaving policy decisions to the physicians themselves, larger groups usually employ a full-time administrator to help formulate business strategies and coordinate day-to-day business.

A small group of 10 to 15 physicians might employ 1 administrator to oversee personnel matters, billing and collection, budgeting, planning, equipment outlays, and patient flow. A large practice of 40 to 50 physicians may have a chief administrator and several assistants, each responsible for different areas.

Medical and health services

Medical and health services managers in managed care settings perform functions similar to those of their counterparts in large group practices, except that they may have larger staffs to manage. In addition, they may do more work in the areas of community outreach and preventive care than do managers of a group practice.

Some medical and health services managers oversee the activities of a number of facilities in health systems. Such systems may contain both inpatient and outpatient facilities and offer a wide range of patient services.

Most medical and health services managers work long hours. Facilities such as nursing care facilities and hospitals operate around the clock, and administrators and managers may be called at all hours to deal with problems. They also may travel to attend meetings or inspect satellite facilities. Some managers work in comfortable, private offices; others share space with other managers or staff. They may spend considerable time walking, to consult with coworkers.

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Online Programs

Ashworth College Online offers an Associate Degree in Health Care Management.
Capella University offers Master's and Doctor's degrees Health Care Administration and Management of Non-Profit Agencies.
Clayton College offers a Bachelor, Master, and doctorate programs in Natural Health.
Ellis College offers a Masters Degree(MBA) in Health Care Administration.
Jones International University offers a Masters Degree Program in Health Care Management.
Mercy College Online offers a Master Degree in Public Administration in Health Services Management.
ProTrain Inc. is located in Oakhurst, NJ offering Healthcare related courses.
Walden University offers Doctoral, Masterís and Bachelorís Degrees in Health Care, EMT, Public Health, Community Health, Emergency Response Policy and Coordination
University of Phoenix offers a Master's degree in Health Care Administration.

Campus Programs Here
Northwestern College is located near Sacramento, CA. Offering Health and Fitness degrees.
Rasmussen College has (4) campuses Eagan, Mankato, Minnetonka, and St. Cloud MN offering an Associates Degree in Health Unit Coordinator.
Spencerian College is located in Lexington, KY., offering Clinical Assistant, Healthcare Reimbursement Specialist, Limited Medical, Radiography Massage Theradpy, Medical Assistant, Medical Coding Specialist, and Phlebotomy courses.
Stevens Henager College has (5) campuses in Boise ID., Murray, Ogden, Orem, and Provo UT., offering courses in Medical Specialties, Health Care Administration, and Respiratory Therapy.


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