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Kennedy Western University:


You Must be at least 23 years old and have 5 years work experience to apply. Established in 1984, Kennedy-Western University offers self-paced, guided independent-study degree programs designed specifically for the mid-career professional. This unique, self-paced distance-learning format enables students to earn their degree on their own time. Students are allotted up to 18 months to complete their studies, and since there is no formal classroom attendance required, they can complete their coursework as their personal and professional commitments allow.

Degree Recognition

Licensed by the State of Wyoming, Kennedy-Western Universityís distance-learning degree programs are widely accepted and recognized within business and industry. Over fifty percent of the students enrolled at Kennedy-Western have received partial or full tuition reimbursement by their employer.

Credit for Work Experience

Recognizing that professional students already possess a wealth of knowledge in their chosen field, Kennedy-Western Universityís evaluation process grants credit for previous experience by taking the studentís educational and professional experience into account. Thus, the qualified student does not have to repeat basic courses that have already been mastered. Because of this unique approach, five years of full-time work experience are required to be considered for admission into the University.

Relevant Curriculum

Committed to providing the adult learner with a quality post secondary education, Kennedy-Western University offers a rigorous academic curriculum comparable to that of traditional universities. The selection of excellent and challenging curriculum is central to this philosophy. Kennedy-Western University staff regularly reviews the curricula of major universities within the United States. Course offerings are frequently updated to remain current with the theories and academic trends advanced in traditional academia. To foster personal relevancy, students are encouraged to select courses that are compatible with their occupational and professional objectives. Thus, areas of study are directly applicable to the studentís professional environment and serve to augment and enhance previous knowledge and skills.

Our Faculty

Kennedy-Western Universityís esteemed adjunct faculty are actively involved in creating each and every course that the University offers. A majority of the Universityís adjunct faculty hold doctorate degrees from regionally accredited universities, currently teach at colleges throughout the United States and possess ample experience in the private sector. This combination of academic and real-world experience enables the faculty to provide useable, relevant course content that students will put to work in their chosen field.

Student Services

Focused on providing excellent student service, Kennedy-Western University offers innovative services that help bridge the distance gap. Tutorial assistance, moderated live online chat sessions, online discussion boards, and Kennedy-Western Universityís proprietary online testing software all serve to provide the student with added value. In addition, students are paired with a qualified Student Services Advisor, whose expert advice helps to facilitate students through their program.

Degree Programs

Kennedy-Western Universityís recognized degree programs span the realms of business and industry. Degrees are available at the Bachelorís, Masterís, and Doctorate levels. Currently, Kennedy-Western offers programs in the following areas:

Bachelor Undergraduate Degrees

Bachelor of Science - Business Administration
Bachelor of Science - Computer Science
Bachelor of Science - E-Business/E-Commerce
Bachelor of Science - Electrical Engineering
Bachelor of Science - Environmental Engineering
Bachelor of Science - Finance
Bachelor of Science - General Engineering
Bachelor of Science - Health Administration
Bachelor of Science - Management and Leadership
Bachelor of Science - Management Information Systems
Bachelor of Science - Management of Technology
Bachelor of Science - Mechanical Engineering
Bachelor of Science - Quality Control
Bachelor of Science - Safety Engineering
Bachelor of Science - Software Engineering
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Master (Graduate Degrees)
Master of Science - Business Administration
Master of Science - Computer Science
Master of Science - Engineering Management
Master of Science - Environmental Engineering
Master of Science - Executive Business Administration
Master of Science - General Engineering
Master of Science - Health Administration
Master of Science - Human Resource Management
Master of Science - Management Information Systems
Master of Science - Management of Technology
Master of Science - Quality Control
Master of Science - Safety Engineering
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Doctorate (Postgraduate Degrees)
Doctorate - Business Administration
Doctorate - Computer Science
Doctorate - Engineering Management
Doctorate - Environmental Engineering
Doctorate - General Engineering
Doctorate - Health Administration
Doctorate - International Business Administration
Doctorate - Management Information Systems
Doctorate - Safety Engineering
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You Must be at least 23 years old and also have 5 years work experience to apply.
Kennedy-Western University
200 West 17th Street
Cheyenne, Wyoming 82001

A State Licensed Distance Learning provider. Please check with each school on their own degree recognition.


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Homeland Security
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Paralegal & Law
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Information Technology
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