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MBA - Masters Program

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Online MBA DegreeOnline Master of Business Administration Degree Programs are offered by the leading accredited universities. Online Master Degree concentrations include the subjects of Accounting, Advertising Architectural Design, (MBA) Business, Business Management, E-Business, Financial Management, Global Management, Health Care Management, Global Leadership, Information Technology, Marketing Strategy, Technology, and International Business.

Online MBA Degree Program
MBA Programs - Master of Business Administration

Ellis College
Available in the United States, Canada,
United Kingdom and 14 Other Countries*
Ellis College is a collaboration between NYIT and UNext, a global leader in online learning. The Ellis MBA is an accelerated graduate degree program for working adults interested in learning advanced skills from top experts in business.
Many courses in our program were developed in association with five of the world's top business schools-Columbia Business School, Stanford University, the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business, Carnegie Mellon University, and the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Ellis students can earn an MBA in general business studies in just 18 months.

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Over a slightly longer period, students can also earn an MBA with a specialization in one of 14 high-demand industry areas:

Accounting and Information Systems
Global Management
Health Care Administration
Human Resources Management
Management of Information Systems
Management of Technology
Professional Accounting
Project Management
Risk Management
Strategy and Economics

* Ellis MBA Programs are available in U.S., Canada, U.K., Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Iceland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan
University of Phoenix Online
University of Phoenix Online, the nation's largest accredited private university, offers the following online MBA degree programs.

Master of Business Administration MBA
MBA is for who people who want to learn all aspects of running a business and become effective administrators. This Programs impact in developing a very good entrepreneur and develop the interpersonal skills to lead a organization in a effective manner.The Degree contains syllabus that do have direct relationship with the program they are economics, accounting and finance in deal with the cost and profitability of a company, plus you will study the aspects of law that can influence the workplace. You will learn the most efficient ways to gather and analyze the information that is critical to meeting an organization's goals and objectives. In addition it emphasizes in interpersonal skills like decision making, value clarification, writing and leadership .Equally important, the program will take you through the various means of developing short- and long-term business plans and acquaint you with the latest marketing tools.

Master of Business Administration / Accounting

Master of Business Administration Major Accounts promotes identification with and orientation to the accounting profession and is designed to provide the knowledge, skills and abilities, possibilities necessary for a accounting career. Technology, in particular, is embedded in all accounting courses. Core competencies in technology, critical thinking, and communication are emphasized throughout the curriculum. This will make a very good exposure to varied business disciplines. Students also have broad exposure to varied business disciplines including management, organizational behavior, economics, statistics and finance, and learn how the general manager integrates these disciplines to meet the strategic goals of the organization.

 The BSB/ACC coupled with the MBA/ACC is designed to meet the education eligibility requirements for all states and jurisdictions: however, students are encouraged to contact their State Boards of Accountancy for state-specific requirements.

Master of Business Administration / E-Business
The Bachelor of Science in e-Business (BSB/EB) Program blends business and information technology to address the emerging field of e-Commerce and e-Business. The program courses provide fundamental knowledge and application in both business and information technology. The curriculum is designed to produce graduates ready to function in e-Business positions with the competencies, skills, and attitudes necessary for success in the workplace. It forms the basis for continued career growth, life-long learning as a professional or for the student who desires to continue his or her education in a graduate program.
Business courses include coursework in management, organizational behavior, critical thinking, research and evaluation, financial analysis, and marketing. Information technology courses include coursework in business system development, project planning, operating systems, programming, databases, networks and telecommunications, the Internet and Web, and e-business. Sign Up or More Information

MBA in Global Management
The Master of Business Administration in Global Management program helps current and future global managers gain the specialized skills needed to lead multicultural and multinational work forces. The curriculum is structured with two primary goals in mind: to provide you with a broad-based understanding of the economics of international business operations, and to prepare you for managing human and material resources within various cultural, legal, and political contexts.
Your coursework will emphasize how to balance the needs of shareholders, customers, and employees with local customs and government regulations. You will learn how to identify opportunities and develop alternative courses of action within the limits of the international environment. You will also study legal trends in various regions of the world, macro- and microeconomic issues, and information technology in business systems. Sign Up or More Information

MBA in Health Care Management
The Master of Business Administration / Health Care Management MBA/HCM is designed to provide students with the business management skills needed to manage successfully in today's health care delivery systems. The MBA/HCM program emphasizes the identification, analysis, and solution of complex management problems with a foundation of health care concepts and decision models that will support the variety of management roles that can be seen in today's health care environment. The MBA/HCM specialization is based upon courses in health care organizations, health care finance, quality and data base management, health care infrastructure, and health care strategic management.
The MBA/HCM develops students for the role managers play in defining business problems, assessing information, considering alternatives, and choosing the best solution. Imagine the manager as the hub of a wheel. From the hub radiate spokes, each representing a specific discipline, such as finance, law, marketing, operations, information systems, etc. Each of these "spokes" generates inputs for the manager to assess and incorporate into the decision-making process. The manager is a critical user of these inputs in making the decision. Although generally not the original producer of the information, the manager must be able to assess the validity and reliability of the information in building a business case for the decision. Sign Up or More Information

MBA in Technology Management
Whether you are involved in the development, management, or marketing of technology, this program will teach you how to meet the unique challenges of the ever-changing technology industry. The most successful organizations will continue to employ managers, engineers, designers, and systems analysts who can interpret business plans as easily as schematic drawings.
Your studies will focus on the new strategies, special management tactics, and organizational processes that are being adopted by corporations today. You will learn the specific concepts, methodologies, and tools that will assist you in managing complex technology projects and programs. In addition, you will study various decision-making techniques, the skills involved in strategic planning and financial analysis, and the principles of market research. The problems and opportunities faced by global organizations will also be discussed. Sign Up or More Information

* International Students
In keeping with our philosophy that an effective business education must be global in scope, we encourage the participation of qualified international students in our programs. With more than 21 countries represented at University of Phoenix Online, we are able to take advantage of one of online communication's most compelling advantages and offer a true cross-cultural environment as part of the online experience.

All academic records from countries other than the United States must be evaluated by the evaluation service approved by University of Phoenix. The evaluation services follow standards approved by the National Council on the Evaluation of Foreign Credentials. A special application form and fee is required for the evaluation. Applicants with non-U.S. education should contact a University of Phoenix campus for the appropriate application. If the academic records are in another language, a certified English translation is required. The University will accept translations from the issuing institution or an official translation service.

An applicant relying on education completed outside the United States for admission will not be eligible to attend classes prior to the University receiving a favorable evaluation from the approved credentials evaluation service and fulfilling all other admission requirements. Official documentation of the applicant's foreign education and the official evaluation report must be submitted with the admission file. One authorized evaluation service, Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc. has a Web site. Find them online at

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American InterContinental University Online
You can complete your MBA in just 8 months. For both individual students and employees of corporations, AIU Online offers this accelerated online MBA program:

MBA in Management
Today's increasingly complicated business environments demand existing and future professional leaders to have a comprehensive knowledge of the economic climate in the modern workforce. AIU Online created this degree to help prepare students to develop the managerial skills and professional competencies needed to compete in increasingly globalized markets. The Management MBA program educates students with a unique, market-relevant combination of comprehensive business studies and real-world applications. The curriculum is designed to give students the advanced knowledge, skills, and practical, experience-based education necessary to accelerate their careers in senior positions in business or management. Sign Up or More Information

MBA in Marketing
In today's market-based economies, how well a product or service is marketed can usually be correlated to its ultimate success. That's why marketing departments of corporations as well as the agencies that help them promote their products and services are demanding top positions be filled by qualified marketing professionals who have a comprehensive, modern understanding of the marketing mix and how best to use those resources in today's business environment. AIU Online's Marketing MBA puts graduates on the fast track to advancing their executive careers in marketing. It features a dynamic, flexible curriculum that has been structured to adapt and keep current with emerging and changing marketing trends.Sign Up or More Information
American InterContinental University is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

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Keller Graduate School of Management
DeVry University provides rigorous, career-oriented undergraduate and graduate degree programs in technology, business and management. You can be part of the diverse and geographically dispersed student population of 56,000, studying at one of 25 undergraduate campuses or 37 adult learning centers.

Master of Business Administration
In Keller's flagship Master of Business Administration program you'll learn solid management concepts you can use immediately. The curriculum emphasizes practical skills and concepts that businesses demand from today's management professionals. Our wide selection of electives lets you customize this 16-course program to suit your personal and professional interests. Concentrations are available in diverse disciplines. Sign Up or More Information

Master of Accounting and Financial Management
As a student in Keller's Master of Accounting and Financial Management program, you can earn a master's degree while preparing for professional certification exams. Through this concentrated curriculum's three specialized tracks, Keller students can pursue certified public accountant (CPA); certified management accounting (CMA); and certified in financial management (CFM) or chartered financial analyst (CFA) certification while gaining a solid background in key business disciplines - as well as an educational credential - critical to success in today's business world. Sign Up or More Information

Master of Human Resource Management
In Keller's Master of Human Resource Management program, you'll learn concepts and skills for making the most of your company's human resources. Specific HR competencies covered include training and development; strategic staffing; labor and employment law; managing organizational change; compensation and benefits; and leadership and team building. Sign Up or More Information

Master of Project Management
If you'd like to perfect your management skills in a technical environment or increase operating efficiencies, Keller's innovative Master of Project Management program is for you. You'll learn how to develop projects and communicate their value; outline performance objectives; determine task, budget and resource requirements; provide effective leadership; and promote an environment that motivates team members and resolves conflicts. Sign Up or More Information

Master of Telecommunications Management
It's an exciting time for telecommunications. Keller's Master of Telecommunications Management curriculum provides the right balance of technical concepts and management expertise, making students and graduates of the program invaluable in this fast-paced field. You'll learn about developing technologies and implementing them to best meet the needs of your organization. Sign Up or More Information
Keller Graduate School of Management is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association (NCA). Request more information on Keller MBA Degrees

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Boston University offers online Master of Science Degree in Computer Information Systems with two concentrations in Security and Database & Knowledge Management.
California National University
CNU Online College of Business Administration offers bachelor's and master's degree programs for Business Administration and more
Ellis College Online MBA in general business in just 18 months. Over a slightly longer period, students can also earn an MBA with a specialization in one of 14 high-demand industry areas.
Florida Metropolitan University
offers 2 Master Degree Programs Business and Criminal Justice.
Gonzaga University
Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership degree.
ITT Tech offers (3) online programs: Technical Project Management for Electronic Commerce, Information Systems Security and Master of Business Administration.
Jones International University
8 Master Degree Programs: Project Management e-Commerce - Global Enterprise Management - Health Care Management - Entrepreneurship - Information Technology Management - Negotiation and Conflict Management and Finance.
Kansas State University Industrial/Organizational Psychology Masterís degree is offered via distance education.
Kennedy-Western University Online Master of Science in Business Administration and (11) additional concentrations: Computer Science, Engineering Management, Environmental Engineering, Executive Business Administration, General Engineering, Health Administration, Human Resource Management, Management Information Systems, Management of Technology, Quality Control and Safety Engineering
Keller Graduate School offers Online degree for Master of Business Administration (MBA) - Accounting and Financial Management (MAFM) - Human Resource Management (MHRM) - Information Systems Management (MISM) - Project Management - Information Systems Management (MISM) - Public Administration (MPA) and Telecommunications Management.
Master Degree in Instructional Leadership.
National University Online
Master of Public Administration.
Pepperdine University Online
offers an MBA in Management.
Tulane University Online offering "Mini" MBA Certificate - Advanced MBA Certificate - MBA Certificate.
University Alliance - Online
MBA/Finance/Healthcare - Government Contract Management - Human Resources - Mastering Project Management and more.
University of Phoenix Online offers (17) Popular Master Degree Programs.
University of Saint Mary Online offers Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.)
Utica College is accepting students from throughout the United states offering Criminal Justice and an MBA degree in Fraud Management.
Virginia College Online
offers many MBA Master's Degree online.
Walden University offers a Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) with specializations in E-Business, Risk Management/Insurance Global Business, Health Services, Human Resource Management, Knowledge and Learning Management, Management Technology, Marketing and Nonprofit Management.
Western Governors University offers the following degrees: Master of Arts in Teaching, Master of Business Administration, Master of Distance Education, Master of Education, Master of International Management, Master of Software Engineering, Accounting and Financial Management, MS in Accounting and Information Technology, MS in Biotechnology Studies, MS in Computer Systems Management, MS in Electronic Commerce, MS in Environmental Management, MS in Health Care Administration, MS in Information Technology, MS in Management, MS in Technology Management, MS in Telecommunications Management, Online Undergrad Cert. in Business and Management, Online Undergrad Cert. in Communications, Online Undergrad Cert. in Computing and Technology, Online Undergrad Cert. in Gerontology and Online Undergrad Cert. in Paralegal Studies.
Westwood Online MBA provides six concentrations, including: General Management, E-Business, Finance, Global Management, Technology Management, Marketing.
St Leo University Online Offers Online MBA's with concentrations in Criminal Justice, Teaching and Accounting.
International Programs
Ellis College Online MBA in general business in just 18 months. Over a slightly longer period, students can also earn an MBA with a specialization in one of 14 high-demand industry areas.
Jones International University (18) Degrees (9) MBA Programs serving the United States and Canada.
University of Phoenix Online
International MBA Programs
UOP Admissions Information*


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