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This Page Gives Information About  Medical Assistant degree and Medical Assisting training courses, medical career and diploma programs in medical transcription, medical billing & coding, medical billing, medical assisting, medical back office administrative, medical secretary, medical office technician, medical information technology, office assistant professional, computer office technologies and much more.

Job Highlights for Medical Assistants

Medical Assistants perform routine administrative and clinical tasks to keep the offices and clinics of dentist, physicians, podiatrists, insurance companies, chiropractors, and optometrists running smoothly. They should not be confused with physician assistants who examine, diagnose, and treat patients under the direct supervision of a physician.
The duties of medical assistants vary from office to office, depending on office location, size, and specialty. In small practices, medical assistants usually are "generalists," handling both administrative and clinical duties and reporting directly to an office manager, physician, or other health practitioner. Those in large practices tend to specialize in a particular area under the supervision of department administrators.

Medical Assistants perform many administrative duties. They answer telephones, greet patients, update and file patient medical records, fill out insurance forms, handle correspondence, schedule appointments, arrange for hospital admission and laboratory services, and handle medical coding, medical billing and bookkeeping. In larger companies may assign individuals to specific departments that focus on billing or coding services.

Clinical duties vary according to State law and include taking medical histories and recording vital signs, explaining treatment procedures to patients, preparing patients for examination, and assisting the physician during the examination. Medical assistants collect and prepare laboratory specimens or perform basic laboratory tests on the premises, dispose of contaminated supplies, and sterilize medical instruments. They instruct patients about medication and special diets, prepare and administer medications as directed by a physician, authorize drug refills as directed, telephone prescriptions to a pharmacy, draw blood, prepare patients for x rays, take electrocardiograms, remove sutures, and change dressings.

Medical Assistants also may arrange examining room instruments and equipment, purchase and maintain supplies and equipment, and keep waiting and examining rooms neat and clean.

Medical Assistants who specialize have additional duties. Podiatric medical assistants make castings of feet, expose and develop x rays, and assist podiatrists in surgery. Ophthalmic medical assistants help ophthalmologists provide medical eye care. They conduct diagnostic tests, measure and record vision, and test eye muscle function. They also show patients how to insert, remove, and care for contact lenses; and they apply eye dressings. Under the direction of the physician, they may administer eye medications. They also maintain optical and surgical instruments and may assist the ophthalmologist in surgery.

Training, Other Qualifications, and Advancement

Most employers prefer graduates of formal programs in medical assisting. Such programs are offered in vocational-technical high schools, post secondary vocational schools, and in colleges and universities. Post secondary programs usually last either 1 year, resulting in a certificate or diploma, or 2 years, resulting in an associate degree. Courses cover anatomy, physiology, and medical terminology as well as typing, transcription, record keeping, accounting, and insurance processing. Students learn laboratory techniques, clinical and diagnostic procedures, pharmaceutical principles, medication administration, and first aid. They study office practices, patient relations, medical law, and ethics. Accredited programs include an internship that provides practical experience in physicians' offices, hospitals, or other healthcare facilities.

Two agencies recognized by the U.S. Department of Education accredit programs in medical assisting: the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP) and the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES). In 2001, there were about 500 medical assisting programs accredited by CAAHEP and about 170 accredited by ABHES. The Committee on Accreditation for Ophthalmic Medical Personnel approved 14 programs in ophthalmic medical assisting.

Formal training in medical assisting, while generally preferred, is not always required. Some medical assistants are trained on the job, although this is less common than in the past. Applicants usually need a high school diploma or the equivalent. Recommended high school courses include mathematics, health, biology, typing, bookkeeping, computers, and office skills. Volunteer experience in the healthcare field also is helpful.

Although there is no licensing for medical assistants, some States require them to take a test or a course before they can perform certain tasks, such as taking x rays. Employers prefer to hire experienced workers or certified applicants who have passed a national examination, indicating that the medical assistant meets certain standards of competence. The American Association of Medical Assistants awards the Certified Medical Assistant credential; the American Medical Technologists awards the Registered Medical Assistant credential; the American Society of Podiatric Medical Assistants awards the Podiatric Medical Assistant Certified credential; and the Joint Commission on Allied Health Personnel in Ophthalmology awards credentials at three levels(Certified Ophthalmic Assistant, Certified Ophthalmic Technician, and Certified Ophthalmic Medical Technologist.

Medical assistants may be able to advance to office manager. They may qualify for a variety of administrative support occupations, or may teach medical assisting. Some, with additional education, enter other health occupations such as nursing and medical technology.

Medical assistants deal with the public; therefore, they must be neat and well-groomed and have a courteous, pleasant manner. Medical assistants must be able to put patients at ease and explain physicians' instructions. They must respect the confidential nature of medical information. Clinical duties require a reasonable level of manual dexterity and visual acuity

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Online Programs Here

Aakers Business College Online offers an online Associates degree in Medical Office, Medical Coding, and Medical Transcription.
Allied Business School offers Medical Programs for all 50 States Online.
Anthem College Online offering Massage Therapy courses.
Career Vision Online has dozens of online courses like: Medical Coding, Professional Medical Transcription, Medical Secretary, Legal Nurse Consulting, Technical Writing and Pharmacy Technician.
DeVry University has (70) campuses in the USA online courses include Biomedical Engineering Technology - Biomedical Informatics and Health Information Technology.
PCDI Medical Billing and Coding - Medical Assistant - Medical Transcription.
Stratford Career Institute offers Medical Assistant - Billing - Office - transcription -and more.
Thomson Education Direct Online - Medical Assistant - Medical Insurance Clerk for Billing & Coding - Occupational Therapy Aide - Physical Therapy Aide - Open to Students Worldwide

Campus Programs Here
Academy of Medical Arts and Business is located in Harrisburg, PA., offering Medical Office Specialist courses.
Aakers Business College has campuses in Bismark and Fargo, ND offering an Associates degree in Medical Office, Medical Coding, and Medical Transcription.
AccuTech Career Institute is located in Frederick, Maryland, offering Medical and Healthcare related curricula.
Advanced Career Training has (3) campuses located in Jacksonville, FL., Riverdale and Atlanta, GA., Dental Assisting School.
ACT College has (3) campuses in Arlington, Alexandria and Manassas, Virginia teaching Medical Assisting and Medical Radiography .
ATI Training Institute is located in Edison, New Jersey offering Medical and Health Care related curricula.
Berks Technical College is located in Wyomissing, PA., and offers Associates Degrees and Diplomas in Medical Assistant and Medical Assistant Sciences.
Blair Business College located in Colorado Springs, CO. offers an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Medical Assisting.
Bradford School of Business is located in Houston, TX. and offers programs in Medical Administrative Assistant and Medical Assisting.
Branford Hall Career Institute has (5) locations in Bohemia, NY., Branford, CT., Southington, CT., Windsor CT., and Springfield MA., offering Medical Assisting and Medical Billing related courses.
Bryman College (16) campuses nationwide, courses include Degree Programs for Medical Assistant Program, Medical Billing and Coding, Medical Office and more.
Brookstone College is located in Greensboro, and Charlotte, NC., offering Medical & Health Office Technology and Medical Assisting & Office Technology courses.
CEI Career Education Institute is located in Somerville, Brockton, and Lowell MA., Lincoln RI., Marietta, and Norcross GA., and Henderson NV., offering Medical Assisting and Medical Administrative Assisting courses.
Central Coast College is located in Salinas, CA offering Medical programs.
CHI Institute is located in Southhampton, PA. and offers a Medical Assistant with Phlebotomy diploma program.
Clark University CCI has (4) locations in Woburn, Framingham, Cambridge and Braintree, MA., offering Healthcare Professional Master Certificate Programs, Medical Coding and Billing Master Certificate Programs and Medical Coding Certificate Programs.
College America has (12) campuses in Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho and Utah offering medical specialties programs. Medical - Billing - Coding.
Duffs Business Institute is located in Pittsburgh, PA. and offers Medical Administrative Secretary program and Medical Assistant program.
Everest College located in Phoenix AZ. offers Medical Billing and Coding.
ETI Career Institute is located in Atlanta, GA. offering Certificate Programs in Medical Assisting and Medical Office Administration.
FMU (9) Florida Campuses Programs: Medical Assisting - Health Care - Pharmacy Technician - Surgical Technologist.
Gibbs Schools located in Montclair, New Jersey and offering Medical Assisting and Office e-Ministration specialization in Business, Medical or Legal, Medical Billing & Coding.
Georgia Medical Institute (5) Campuses in Atlanta, DeKalb, Jonesboro, Marietta and Norcross GA. offering medical programs.
Hamilton College located in Des Moines, IA offers Medical Assistant and Medical Transcriptionist diploma programs.
Hagerstown Business College teaches in Hagerstown MD., Medical Assistant, Health Information Technology, Medical Billing/Coding, Medical Receptionist, Medical Receptionist/Transcriptionist, Medical Secretary/Assistant, Medical Transcriptionist, Dental Assistant and Phlebotomist.
Heald College (11) Campuses in Concord, Fresno, Hayward, Rancho Cordova, Roseville, Salinas, San Francisco, San Jose and Stockton CA; Portland OR; and Honolulu, HI offering Medical Assisting.
Heritage College located in Las Vegas, NV offers Medical Assistant and Health Information Technician diploma programs
ICM School located in Pittsburgh, PA offering Medical Assistant and Occupational Therapy Assistant diploma and degree programs.
Key Business College (2) Campuses: Newport News, VA and Chesapeake, VA and offers degree programs for Medical Assisting and Medical Insurance Billing & Coding
Lansdale School of Business is located in North Wales, PA offering Medical related programs.
Las Vegas College located in Las Vegas, Nevada offers Associate Degrees in Medical Assisting and Medical Billing and Coding
Long Technical College has (2) campuses located in Phoenix, AZ offering Medical and Healthcare related programs.
Maric College located in San Diego, CA offers Medical Assistant, Medical Administrative Assistant and Medical Insurance Technician certificate programs
Median School in Pittsburgh, PA. offers programs in Medical Assisting.
Mountain West College located in West Valley City, UT and offers several Medical Programs.
National School of Technology (4) campuses Fort Lauderdale, Hialeah Kendal and Miami Beach, FL. offering Patient Care Technician - Medical Billing & Coding - Medical Assisting or Advanced Medical Assistant - Cardiovascular Technologist - Pharmacy - Surgery.
Northwestern College is located in Goldriver, CA. offering Medical Office Management and Medical Software Specialist courses.
Nevada Career Institute has (2) campuses in Las Vegas, NV offering Medical related programs.
New England Technical Institute has (2) campuses located in New Britain, CT. and Shelton, CT. offering Medical Assistant Program.
NIT Medical (11) Campuses: Long Beach, CA - San Jose, CA - Austin, TX - Houston, TX - San Antonio, TX - Cross Lanes, WV - Dearborn, MI - Southfield, MI offering Medical Assisting - Medical Business and Clinical Specialist - Medical Insurance Billing and Coding Degree and Medical Office.
Ohio Institute of Photography and Technology is located in Dayton, OH and offers Medical Assistant and Medical Office Management.
Olympia Career Training Institute has (2) campuses: Grand Rapids, and Kalamazoo, MI., offering a Dental & Medical Assistant Programs.
Park Business College (2) Campuses Aurora, CO and Thornton, CO in offering Medical Assisting Degree program.
Pioneer Pacific College has (3) schools that teach Medical Assisting, Administration degree Programs in Clackamas, Eugene and Wilsonville, Oregon.
Pittsburgh Technical Institute is located in Houston, TX and offers Associate's degrees in Medical Administration and Medical Assisting.
Rasmussen College has (5) campuses Eagan, Mankato, Minnetonka, St. Cloud and Minnesota MN., offering an Associates Degree in Medical Records/Medical Coding.
Rochester Business Institute is located in Rochester, NY offering Medical Assistant and Medical Office related programs.
Southeastern Career College located in Nashville, TN offers a Medical Assistant program.
Spencerian College is located in Lexington, KY., offering Clinical Assistant, Healthcare Reimbursement Specialist, Limited Medical, Radiography Massage Therapy, Medical Assistant, Medical Coding Specialist, and Phlebotomy courses.
Springfield College in Springfield, Missouri, offers Associate degree programs in Medical Insurance Billing and Coding - Medical Office Assistant - Medical Transcription.
TESST College of Technology has (2) campuses located in Beltsville & Towson, MD offering Medical Assistant certificate program
The Academy of Health Care Professions has (3) campuses located in Houston, and Austin, TX., offering Medical related courses.
Thompson Institute has (2) campuses located in Harrisburg & Philadelphia, PA offering Medical & Dental Assistant, Medical Billing & Coding and Medical Office Management certificate program.
UEI serves students in the southern CA area and offer a diploma as a medical assistant.
Western Business College (2) Campuses: Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA offering Associate of Applied Science degree in Medical Assistant and Medical Administrative Assistant.
Westwood College has campuses in Denver, CO. and Fort Worth, TX. offering Associate Degrees in Medical Assisting and Medical Transcription.
Wood Tobé-Coburn School Offers Medical Assisting Program in New York City.


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