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Nascar Racing

Automotive Technology with NASCAR


NASCAR Technician TrainingFor over 50 years NASCAR has built a sport and an industry based on exceptional automotive performance. In fact, some of the finest automotive technicians in the world work for NASCAR. Now UTI students can turn their passion for NASCAR into a rewarding career in automotive technology.

The NASCAR Technical Institute, located in Mooresville, North Carolina -- at the heart of racing country -- was developed to address the shortage of automotive technicians by boosting the number of professional technicians entering the workforce.

NASCAR Technical Institute is the country's first technical training school to combine a complete automotive technology program and a NASCAR-specific motorsports program, and is the exclusive educational partner of NASCAR.

The school provides coursework in engine construction, electrical, fuel and lubrication systems, drive trains, body and chassis fabrication and racing theory principles. Students will learn the history and rules and regulations of NASCAR, as well as the teamwork needed in today's automotive and racing industries.

Available at North Carolina campus only.




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