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Natural health is an eclectic self-care system of natural therapies that builds and restores health and wellness by working with the natural recuperative powers of the human body.

Bachelor of Science in Natural Health, Bachelor of Science in Holistic Nutrition, Master of Science in Natural Health, Doctor of Naturopathy for Chiropractors, Doctor of Naturopathy for Healthcare Professionals, Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine (for medical doctors only) Sports Nutrition, Natural health, Holistic nutrition, Naturopathy, and herbology.

Health & Personal Fitness

Job Highlights for Health & Fitness Services

Health services is one of the largest industries in the country, with more than 11 million jobs, including the self-employed.
About 13 percent of all wage and salary jobs created between 2000 and 2010 will be in health services.
Nine out of 20 occupations projected to grow the fastest are concentrated in health services.
Most jobs require less than 4 years of college education.
Clayton College of Natural Health
Make a difference in people's lives. Become a natural health practitioner.

Natural Health Practitioner


Here's to your health. More than 20,000 students and graduates have chosen Clayton College of Natural Health (CCNH) to study holistic nutrition, naturopathy, herbology and natural health. As the world's leading college of natural health, CCNH will prepare you for a rewarding career. The innovative Distance Education format will give you the flexibility to study from home, at work or while you travel. As an added benefit, CCNH costs far less than campus-based schools. With over 20 accredited degree and certificate programs to choose from, you can start earning your Bachelor's, Master's or Doctoral degree today. Learn more.

Natural Health

Natural healing involves moving from a state of non-health into health using only natural means. Fasting to cleanse the body, using massage therapy to ease aching muscles, and taking herbal formulas to soothe an irritated throat are good examples. Homeopathy, herbology, iridology, bioenergetic methods, and nutrition are non-invasive methods of health practice which are designed to stimulate and maintain the body's intrinsic self-healing processes.

Natural Health Programs

Are based on the principle that healing will occur naturally in the human body if it is given what it truly needs, that is fresh air, sunlight, proper diet, pure water, exercise and rest. Programs range from the philosophy to the practical application of natural health modalities. Several degree programs are tailored to provide the necessary skills and knowledge to become a naturopath, a natural health consultant or to integrate natural health methods into an existing healthcare practice. Concentrations in herbology, iridology, or nutrition and lifestyles may be added to your studies. Students who enjoy the discovery, interpretation, and publication of new findings, natural health trends, and other related topics of interest may find these types of programs a perfect match.

Holistic Nutrition Program

Focuses on what, when and why we choose to ingest substances into, or restrict substances from, our bodies; from vitamins and mineral supplements to organic foods and pure water. Electives that focus on practitioners' skills are available at the doctoral level for those who wish to become nutrition consultants. Concentrations in herbology, nutrition and lifestyles or iridology may be added to your degree.

Health Professionals

Combining medical technology and the human touch, the health services industry care around the clock, responding to the needs of millions of people from newborns to the critically ill.

More than 469,000 establishments make up the health services industry; all vary greatly in terms of size, staffing patterns, and organizational structures. Two-thirds of all private health services establishments are offices of physicians or dentists. Although hospitals constitute less than 2 percent of all private health services establishments, they employ nearly 40 percent of all workers. When government hospitals are included, the proportion rises to 45 percent of the workers in the industry.

The health services industry provided more than 11 million wage and salary jobs in 2000. Almost one-half of all salaried health services jobs were in hospitals; another one-third were in either nursing and personal care facilities or offices of physicians including osteopaths. About 91 percent of wage and salary jobs were in the private sector; the remainder, in State and local government hospitals.

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Online Programs Here

Anthem College Online Health Care Management program was created to provide students with the opportunity to expand their higher education while maintaining an active lifestyle and keeping their jobs.
American Institute of Holistic Theology offers Doctor of Divinity D. D.
Holistic Childcare B.S.
Holistic Ministries B.S., M.S., Ph.D.
Metaphysics B.S., M.S., Ph.D.
Parapsychic B.S., M.S., Ph.D.
Healtheology B.S., M.S., Ph.D.
Naturology B.S., M.S., D.N., Ph.D.
Pro-Fit WorldWide is the first fully integrated online personal training school. Pro-Fit offers this premier program designed to prepare you for a career as a Certified Personal Trainer.
Fitness Professional and Nutrition Specialist
Thomson Education Direct
Fitness and Nutrition Instructor Programs.
Stratford Career Institute
Fitness and Nutrition Programs.

Campus Programs Here
Academy of Professional Careers offers a Holistic Health Practitioner program in Boise Idaho.
Bryman College has (16) locations and offers Massage Therapy and Massage Therapist Programs
Clayton College of Natural Health
Natural Health B.S.
Holistic Nutrition B.S.
Natural Health M.S. Ph.D.
Holistic Nutrition M.S. Ph.D.
Naturopathy Ph.D.
Chiropractors D.N.,
Healthcare Professionals D.N.,
Medicine D.N., for medical doctors only.
Northwestern College is located near Sacramento, CA. Offering Massage Therapy and Health and Fitness Programs.
Samra University of Oriental Medicine
Masterís Degree in Oriental Medicine. Learn acupuncture, Chinese herbology, Chinese orthopedic massage and nutrition.


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