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Professional Career Development Institute (PCDI):


Professional Career Development Institute PCDI has trained tens of thousands of people – people just like you – for better careers. Now, it’s your turn. Our home study courses are all nationally accredited by the Distance Education and Training Council. Let PCDI help you prepare for a professional career, earn your associate’s degree, or get your high school diploma. Please review the list carefully and select ONE program only. There are no educational prerequisites or experience requirements to enroll.
Diploma Programs A - F
Accounting Nearly every company needs someone to manage the finances. With our convenient home study course, you can learn how it's done! You need no special math background or prior schooling to enroll. Our in-depth training will teach you essential bookkeeping procedures, from bookkeeping to accounts receivables to general ledgers to payroll taxes. Imagine using your newfound skills to pursue an exciting new career in a respected field. Perhaps you'll some day work from home, in your own accounting service. Or, use the professional-level techniques we'll teach you to help make your own business more productive. Everything you need to succeed, including beautifully-illustrated lessons, easy-to-follow homestudy guide, and valuable supplies, arrives at your door.
Animal Care Specialist Soon, you could be training to learn the exciting skills of veterinary assistants. Our convenient home study course in animal science is designed to help prepare you for a career in a veterinarian's practice, animal hospital, animal shelter, pet store, horse farm, ranch, wildlife or livestock program, or zoo. And there are no educational or experience prerequisites to enroll. Everything you need to succeed, including beautifully-illustrated lessons, easy-to-follow study guide, and valuable supplies, arrives at your door. We'll teach you practical knowledge and hands-on skills, designed for use in real-world situations. As an animal lover, you owe it to yourself to deliver the finest care possible to your own pets, too! And this comprehensive course will show you how.

Auto Mechanics If you like working with your hands, enjoy "tinkering" with cars, and would like to learn professional-level auto repair techniques, this course is for you. There are no educational or experience prerequisites. Our in-depth training will teach you the fundamentals of automobile components and how they work; system by system, and bumper to bumper. Everything you need to succeed, including beautifully-illustrated lessons, easy-to-follow study guide, and valuable supplies, arrives at your door. You'll learn about the engine, transmission, drive train, brakes, mufflers, exhaust system, tires, and tune ups. This course is designed to help prepare you to work as a service technician, or run your own repair shop some day!

Bridal Consultant For the average engaged couple, planning a wedding is an overwhelming proposition. Many couples, and their parents, are too busy to plan the wedding they want. Yet, everyone wants this special event to be memorable and uniquely their own. This is where the bridal consultant comes in! Just imagine: as a trained, experienced bridal consultant, you could take the wedding planning process into your own hands. You could use your knowledge to create a wedding to be cherished forever. And you could provide professional services and valuable advice. The excitement starts here. The Bridal Consultant Program is a nationally accredited home study course. It will teach you essential tips and techniques that every bridal consultant should know. From picking the wedding date to coordinating ceremony seating arrangements; from choosing floral themes to selecting gifts for the maid of honor and best man. You'll learn all this and much, much more.

Carpentry Carpentry is a satisfying and creative career field. Imagine stepping out of your truck into the fresh outdoors each morning. Helping to build, repair, or renovate houses or commercial buildings. Enjoying relaxed friendships with other professional people who are very much like you. Taking pride in the craftsmanship of the work you do with your own hands. Our fascinating home study course will help prepare you for this outstanding career opportunity. Carpenters are vital to the construction industry. And you'll likely find carpenters staying busy wherever home remodeling and home construction are taking place.

Child Day Care Imagine making a better future for children, and a brighter one for you, too! Our home study course in child day care will show you how to care for children in a home based child care facility, play group, or full service preschool. You'll learn about educational games, child growth and behavior, scheduling, age appropriate activities, nutrition, nurturing, socialization, and much more. You'll learn comprehensive, hands on techniques in a course that's detailed and in depth. And remember: there are no educational prerequisites or experience requirements to enroll.

Computer Programming Programming is a busy, active field. Nearly every type of business uses some type of computer program. There are specialized software programs for accounting, payroll, inventory, databases, marketing, sales, and more. But creating that software calls for specialized training. Step by step, we reveal the magic of writing programs in Visual Basic, the popular business programming language for Windows. Our course starts with the basics, such as operating systems, Windows, and running programs. You'll quickly start learning by doing, with exciting hands-on tutorials. Step by step, you'll bring each new phase of Visual Basic to life, learning its commands, calculations, and codes. Clear, easy-to-follow, and richly-illustrated instructions show you how to write practical software for the real world.

Computer Repair There are millions of personal computers in use today. And someone has to maintain, troubleshoot, and repair them. With our convenient home study course, you can learn how it's done! We'll teach you PC repair, from the monitor to mouse, from memory to motherboard. And it's not as complicated as you might think. Many PC repairs involve easy disassembly followed by quick plug-in replacement of parts; many other problems are fixed by running diagnostic programs and letting the software guide the work. Our distance learning course takes you through the step-by-step procedures covered in the A+ Certification exam. When you graduate, you should have the skills and the knowledge required to take this exam, which is recognized as the industry standard for entry level computer technicians.

Conservation Conservation careers are meaningful and worthwhile. But if you want to dedicate your life to improving our environment, you'll need professional level knowledge. As a graduate of our convenient home study course, you could be ready to pursue a variety of conservation careers. Perhaps you'd like to become a forest ranger. An environmental lobbyist. A conservation educator. A campground manager. A museum specialist. A nature park technician. The list goes on! And there are no educational prerequisites or experience requirements to enroll.


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