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Stratford Career Institute:


SCI Stratford Career Institute offers over 50 distance education programs. Select the program of your choice and you will receive your free career training information. Please remember that you are under absolutely no obligation, and no sales person will contact you. Please review the list carefully and select ONE program only.
Accounting Program prepares the student for a broad range of manual and computerized accounting functions, including ledgers, journals, balance sheets, cash control, payroll, and financial statements. Topics like end-of-period accounting, partnerships and corporations, accounting for a merchandising business, and analysis of financial statements are also covered in depth.

Administrative Secretarial Program prepares you for the role of the administrative assistant in the modern working environment. You will be trained in secretarial procedures for the automated office. Lessons on administrative support services cover topics such as assisting at conferences, banking and record keeping.

Art Program students are taught professional techniques and perform practical projects in the media of pencil, charcoal and chalk drawing, pastel and water color painting, acrylic painting, and oil painting. In each area, special sections provide advanced training in such areas as perspective, correcting paintings, and portrait painting. All the essential tools and art supplies are provided.

Auto Mechanics Program covers all systems and procedures related to the maintenance and repair of automobiles, including the most modern diagnostic techniques and performance testing. Introductory training covers topics such as engine principles and components, tools, fasteners, and safety issues. The advanced lessons trace components and systems individually and in detail.

Bookkeeping Accounting Program has been prepared with the aim of concentrating on the tasks of professional bookkeepers. Detailed procedures are provided on manual and computerized posting, use of integrated software, and emphasis on a variety of accounting systems and functions, including accounts receivable, banking, inventory control, cost accounting, and many other essential topics.

Business Management Program focuses on the latest perspectives on such critical topics as business organization and systems, human resources management, marketing and finance, statistics and data management, business law, labor relations, international business, the securities market, and computers. There is a special section on career planning.

Child Day Care Management Program provides a comprehensive training program for anyone interested in pursuing a career in this demanding field. The curriculum includes nutrition, behavior, education and training concepts, toys and equipment, as well as special needs children. Students are also given guidance and preparation techniques for securing employment.

Child Psychology Program is geared to meet the needs of child care professionals as well as parents, future parents or anyone else who is interested in children and their development. It is designed to cover the biological and cognitive development of children from pre-birth through adolescence. As a graduate you will possess a deep understanding of the complex mixture of factors, from genetics to peer pressure, that influence the way that children develop, and the choices they make in life.

Computer Programming in C++ is a comprehensive course with clear and thorough instruction. The program begins with a solid grounding in computer fundamentals, then turns to the principles of program development, and the specific commands and formats of program design in C++.

Conservation/Environmental Sciences A career in the field of Conservation/Environmental Sciences will appeal to independent people who have a real love for plant and animal life, and who enjoy being outdoors in all kinds of weather. To do the work well, you must work hard, display enthusiasm and be willing to apply what you have learned through your studies ar Stratford.

Cooking and Catering Program prepares you to enter into a career field which ranks among the most favorable in the economy. Not only are you given detailed practical instruction from the experts on preparing food, but you will develop all of the other skills that are critical to your success, including selling and booking affairs and financial and legal considerations.

Cosmetology and Esthetics Program provides students with the skills required to perform professional services and provides them with the information needed to open and operate a salon business. Specialized areas include skin care, make-up artistry, hair styling and care, and nail technology.

Creative Writing Program develops the knowledge and skills necessary for success as an author. It focuses on the medium of the short story and covers all phases of skillful fiction writing. Areas of concentration include theme and strategy, characters and viewpoint, plot, dialogue, and revision. Professional authors share tips and provide detailed examples.

Desktop Publishing and Design Program includes everything from producing attractive and effective newsletters, advertisements and brochures to selecting and integrating hardware, working with service bureaus, selecting business class software and choosing a graphics system - as well as advertising, pricing and dealing with clients.

Early Childhood Education Program begins with an overview of the physical, intellectual, social and emotional characteristics of young children, then develops and builds your guidance skills. Emphasis is placed upon creating a safe and healthy environment, and providing for a wide range of learning experiences ranging from art and social studies to field trips. Advanced topics focus on parental involvement, programs for infants and toddlers, and for special needs children.

Electrician Program program is a broad and detailed course of studies, covering all major aspects of the work of residential and industrial electricians. Topics include electrical connections and circuits, circuit protection devices, signal systems, residential wiring, electric heating, industrial services, and motor control. Introductory units present electrical theory, as well as background on tools, materials, testing and safety.

English as a Second Language Program is designed for anyone with a desire to communicate effectively in English. Regardless of your present level of comprehension, you will be able to achieve results quickly and at your own individual pace.

Fashion Merchandising and Design Program degree or certificate in Fashion Design and Merchandising.

Fitness and Nutrition Program Students seeking to enter the expanding fitness job market will receive in-depth training on the nature and scope of fitness, and the industries which support it. Technical training is provided in areas such as cardiorespiratory endurance, improvement of muscular strength and flexibility, weight control, nutrition, and the management of stress. Various fitness programs and their special considerations are highlighted. There is a special lesson on fitness-related injuries.

Florist and Floral Design Program incorporates step-by-step instruction in floral arrangements, flower preservation and care, and developing a professional retail environment with an emphasis on the fundamental skills and methods used by commercial floral design experts.

French as a Second Language Program prepares students to speak French online program.

Funeral Service Education Program prepares students for administrative positions in this unique and specialized field. The program covers a wide variety of subjects including grief psychology, bereavement counseling, business fundamentals of the industry, and the history, theory and practice of embalming and restorative arts. Course exemptions may be awarded based on academic merit, relevant professional experience, or career objectives.

Gardening and Landscaping Program is specially designed to address the learning needs both of the serious hobbyist, and of students wishing to pursue careers in the landscaping business. Topics covered include gardening under a variety of conditions, controlling pests and diseases, and growing plants for food. The landscaping sections explore the principles of landscape design, selection and use of materials and construction methods, lawn installation, costing, maintenance, and interior plantscaping.

Health Care Aide (Canada only) The topics covered in this comprehensive program include a broad range of medical, human relations, and technical skills. Background sections trace areas such as medical terms and abbreviations, and anatomy and physiology of major body organs and systems. Nursing tasks such as bed making, personal care, measuring temperature and blood pressure, and transporting a patient are presented. Specialized topics include many items such as care of a diabetic patient, postoperative nursing care, geriatric care, and the terminally ill patient.

High School Diploma Program (GED) provides a valuable means for students to complete their education and earn that increasingly required High School diploma. The major categories of instruction are social science, English, history, mathematics, and science. Our special approach makes it as easy as possible for mature students to succeed. Emphasis is always on practical, useful applications. For example, the math module covers banking, retailing, and managing one's personal finances as well as algebra and geometry.

Home Inspection Program train to become a home inspector.

Hotel and Restaurant Management Program is a broadly based program of studies in the hospitality and tourism industries, providing extensive background knowledge, as well as procedural training in administrative tasks. Coverage includes hotels, resorts, restaurants, fast food outlets, tourism, and private clubs. All aspects of financing, construction, operations, and staff management are included.

Interior Decorating and Design Program is intended for both the dedicated amateur and established career professionals. All aspects of design styles and components are explored with the aid of numerous illustrations and examples. Elements of design, sources and resources, period decoration, and design materials all receive extensive treatment. Both technical and administrative aspects of the professional decorator's work are presented.

Internet Specialist Program starts with an easy-to-understand introduction to the technology that has become the phenomenon of the 90s, and gradually guides you to a mastery level of Internet resources and applications. The focus of the program is business, sales, marketing, and how you can apply your knowledge to the thousands of companies that are racing to reap the benefits of the Internet.

Legal Assistant/Paralegal Program opens the door to a wide range of excellent career opportunities for staff members who assist lawyers in the performance of their duties. The student begins with an exploration of the law office itself, learning the details of how it is organized and run on a day-to-day basis. The program then provides a solid foundation in the legal system and the work of legal professionals in civil and criminal cases.

Locksmithing Program covers the requirements and practices of the modern locksmithing profession. Tools, work methods and business considerations are explored, along with technical training on virtually every type of lock in current use, whether residential, commercial, or high security. Installation, troubleshooting, recoding and rekeying are covered, along with master keying, emergency entry, and a wide range of special systems and applications.

Managing Your Own Business Program This program guides you through the organization, marketing, and financing of starting and managing a small business operation. Special segments cover retail, service and manufacturing businesses, as well as options for buying a business. Key areas where knowledge and skill will make or break a new operation are given special attention.

Medical Billing Specialist as a Medical Billing Specialist, you'll enjoy the respect and admiration that come with having an important career in the health care field. Your friends and family will recognize your dedication and accomplishments - as well as your medical expertise. The doctors & dentists and other health care professionals you work with will appreciate the important contributions you bring to the team.

Medical Office Assistant Program The student receives thorough training in the administrative aspects of running a private practice, from telephone procedures, to computerized billing and recall systems, insurance, prescriptions, banking, bookkeeping, and a host of other topics.

Medical Transcriptionist Program program combines the diversity of office administration skills with the fascinating aspects of the medical profession. Medical terminology, records and reports, body systems, ethical and legal responsibilities are covered in detail to give students a thorough understanding of the medical transcriptionist's functions. Multi-media training aids allow students to become involved in practical, real-life medical case studies.

Natural Health Consultant Program provides a broad based knowledge of the disciplines of homeopathy, herbal medicine, chiropractic treatments, osteopathy, acupuncture, and several related fields. You will acquire the ability to advise and help direct people to treatments in alternative medicines, or natural health services that will be the most beneficial for their individual needs.

Nursing Assistant Program (USA only) The topics covered in this comprehensive program include a broad range of medical, human relations, and technical skills. Background sections trace areas such as medical terms and abbreviations, and anatomy and physiology of major body organs and systems. Nursing tasks such as bed making, personal care, measuring temperature and blood pressure, and transporting a patient are presented. Specialized topics include many items such as care of a diabetic patient, postoperative nursing care, geriatric care, and the terminally ill patient.

Personal Computer Repair & Maintenance Program covers computer components and systems in detail, from RAM memory to disk and hard drives, to monitors, keyboards and accessories. Practical instruction is provided by professionals on such topics as setting up a work station, preventive maintenance, and diagnosing a broad range of problems. Advanced topics include design configurations and system enhancement.

Personal Computer Specialist Program begins with computer literacy and an introduction to all aspects of computer components and operations. It explores operating systems and computer programming, en route to detailed training in software packages that are most commonly used in office environments. Course includes software for word processing, spreadsheets, and business presentations.

Pharmacist's Assistant Program prepares you to work as a professional in the pharmaceutical industry. This preparation will allow you to interpret product information and communicate clearly with other medical professionals and your clients. Topics include: medical terminology, human anatomy and physiology, and pharmacology.

Photography Program for recreational photographers as well as those seeking to earn a living as professionals. Coverage is provided on modern cameras, lenses, films, and accessories. How-to sections cover topics such as exposure, processing, filters, lighting, and flash. Special sections trace composition and print quality and applied photography. Students receive a guide to earning a living as a photographer, and a publication listing 2,500 buyers of freelance photos.

Physical Therapy Aide help make the therapy session productive, under the direct supervision of a Physical Therapist or a Physical Therapy Assistant. Most employers require the Physical Therapy Aide to have strong interpersonal skills and a desire to assist people in need.

Private Investigator Because we live in an age where information is in constant demand, private investigators have taken on new responsibilities. You'll learn how to keep records, find information sources, conduct investigations and use new technology. In only a few months, you could be working in a PI firm, a corporate security department, or become a self-employed private investigator.

Psychology/Social Work Program prepares students for entry level positions among the support staff of a broad range of private and public social service agencies. You will study human behavior, social work as a profession and the skills associated with effective helping. As a graduate, you will possess more than the will to help others. You will possess the tools that will enable you to communicate, comprehend, influence and assist.

Real Estate Appraiser Program prepares you for a career in residential and commercial property evaluation. All aspects of real estate are covered, including inspection, analyzation, market values, legalities, taxation factors, transactions, estimations. Advanced topics include brokerage concepts and ethics.

Relaxation Therapist Program is a career-level study program which focuses on a wide variety of strategies and methodologies for dealing with stress-related health issues. Some of the main topics covered include stress management, relaxation techniques, behavior change interventions, and bodywork. Ideally suited to those with a desire to provide assistance and relief to those suffering from the harmful effects of stress.

Security and Police Sciences Program training is provided in all major aspects of the work of public and private police forces. From the work of private security agencies in countering business losses, to police tasks such as arrests, searches, seizures and interrogation, the law and correct police practice are presented, and the latest equipment and techniques are highlighted. Background sections provide necessary information on the court system, constitutional rights, rules during trials, and various concerns related to law enforcement.

Sewing and Dressmaking Program This is a complete course on the professional technical skills and artistic flair needed to create quality garments. Topics include sewing machines, supplies, patterns, fabrics, fitting methods, construction techniques, necklines, collars, waistlines, sleeves, pockets, hems, closures, and much more. Special sections explore techniques of tailoring, sewing garments for men and children, and home sewing projects such as draperies.

Small Engine Repair Program begins with the basic engine fundamentals, then traces all major engine systems used in lawn mowers, chain saws, outboard motors, portable generators, motorbikes, motorcycles, and several other types of equipment. Besides engine maintenance, troubleshooting and repair, there are sections on electrical systems, starting systems, ignition components and the servicing of small diesel engines.

Teacher's Aid Program begins with the basic engine fundamentals, then traces all major engine systems used in lawn mowers, chain saws, outboard motors, portable generators, motorbikes, motorcycles, and several other types of equipment. Besides engine maintenance, troubleshooting and repair, there are sections on electrical systems, starting systems, ignition components and the servicing of small diesel engines.

Travel and Tourism Program complete training for starting and managing a travel agency, covering all key aspects of the hospitality and tourism industries as they relate to agency activities. Technical information such as booking air or ship travel is blended with background on trends and culture. Extensive sections then deal with all aspects of the travel agency business from timesharing to selling cruises, with focus on counseling skills and customer relations.

Veterinary Assistant Program prepares the student for career level positions in animal care, with particular emphasis on the needs and procedures of a modern veterinary practice. Subject matter includes a blend of technical and administrative topics ranging from anatomy and physiology to medical records and client relations. A partial listing of other topics includes animal behavior, medical nursing, laboratory procedures, and livestock practice.

Wildlife and Ecology Management Program The student is prepared for a broad range of careers in wildlife management and related fields. Background sections explore ecosystems and natural communities, population ecology, soils, water, and rangelands. Threats to ecological communities are detailed, ranging from disease to predation to hunting, trapping to the encroachment of urbanization. Legal provisions and enforcement practices are presented relative to forests, wetlands, game and non game wildlife, and endangered species.

Writing Stories for Children This program is designed by professional writers to help you hone your writing skills and to appreciate the qualities that make a children's book a well-read favorite. Your course of study will show you how to find good ideas that will hold a young reader's attention and are worthy of being published.

Stratford Career Institute
PO Box 67211 STN BRM B
Toronto ON M7Y 4N1
Stratford Career Institute
733 15th Street NW, Suite 1100
Washington D.C. 20005

SCI is a member of the International Council for Distance Education (ICDE) and the Better Business Bureau in Washington D.C and is licensed with the District of Columbia Licensure Commission and the New York State Board of Education.


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